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    Properties and Principles of Glass

    Can anyone tell me if glass can be melted and poured into a large quantity say like a 10ft^3 area without severe fracturing or anything which may weaken the overall structural integrity. Also how strong would that block of glass be? Could you crash a car into it at any certain speed without...
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    Finds from Years Back

    Never really posted stuff here so I'll post all or most of the bottles I've dug or dove up in the past. L-R Applied collar, panel window, DAVIS' // VEGETABLE // PAIN KILLER BEAVER OIL Paneled (4), HUMPHREY'S / PHARMACY / ATHOL HIGHLANDS / ACCURACY (MOTIF OF MORTAR AND PESTLE) HEALY &...
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    River Finds Two

    Again back when I used to snorkel. 2010-2015 MA/NH/VT rivers, streams, creeks, whatever had the magic current. Even swift water with boulders, the bottles get tucked into the rocks. I love those spots. 2-10 ft of water.
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    River Finds

    I dove for bottles once upon a time. Here's some of them. All taken on snorkel in MA/NH rivers/creeks:
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    Lefferts Hook

    Ground still frozen here

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