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    Twisted Baltimore beer

    Hi everyone. Popped up what I thought was a rock and found this George Brehm beer stuck in an old iron ring of some sort. Bottle is really interesting. Top half is slightly twisted. I usually see this in neck of the bottle not entire body. What causes this?
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    Strap Side. ID help needed

    This is great. thank you! First paper is a wealth of info. Found the obits for Roderick and his son Charles.
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    Info on bottle I found

    Hard to tell. I like the font. Great hobby. Looking forward to seeing other posts.
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    Strap Side. ID help needed

    Hi everyone, Dug this recently. I can’t find much information on the bottle or company. R McRAE SON no.111 N Calvert Street BALTo Md. google search comes up with mention of a liquor store. Someone sold a clear one and described it as a medicine...I’m assuming this is a whisky? I’d appreciate...
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    Blob top beer with possible mold error?

    Thanks for the info and graphics. I appreciate the mention of David Graci’s book. Will have to check that out.
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    Blob top beer with possible mold error?

    Hi everyone. Here is a George Brehm Baltimore County MD beer. I think this a loop seal. Has a seam inside the mouth. Is it loop seal or another kind of lighting seal? Also On the back side there are bunch of slightly raised misshapen rectangles. Like the mold wanted to spell something and...
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    “HERE” “3” shard ?

    Could it be an old medicine bottle that says “pour here”? https://www.ebay.com/itm/1930s-50s-Vintage-Clear-Glass-3oz-Medicine-Bottle-has-POUR-HERE-See-pictur-/313117579964
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    Frank Phillips Baltimore MD blob top/steamer type soda.

    Hi again. This was found right next to the mineral water I posted yesterday. What’s the common term for these types of bottles? Any sense of rarity? I think it’s time to purchase Baltimore Bottle book. I appreciate the wisdom!
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    The dump she does provide.

    Great color. Very cool.
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    New to site, Happy to be here!

    Welcome. Im relatively new to this and learn a lot from the community. Great people and a great resource.
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    Stoneware German Mineral Water?

    This is my first full stoneware find. I believe this is an Appollinaris mineral water from the late 1800’s based on other stuff I’m finding. What do the initials “IG”under the handle mean? Are they a makers mark? Thanks!
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    Baltimore loop seal beer?

    Thanks for the feedback!
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    Baltimore loop seal beer?

    Hi everyone, Found a new spot which I think is pre 1900 or just around there. Does this bottle fall in the pre 1900 range? Is this considered a loop seal? The Standard Brewing Company of Baltimore City. https://sha.org/bottle/pdffiles/BaltimoreLoopSealarticle.pdf
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    1/4 pint milks or creams?

    These are Fru Ju a juice drink from early 30s. Some of my favorites. I posted the pair in the forum a while ago
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    1/4 pint milks or creams?

    Thanks for the thoughts. Appreciate your posts and insights. The site has mostly milks and a bunch of glass Lab equipment? (mostly Erlenmeyer flasks and test tubes).
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    1/4 pint milks or creams?

    Hi everyone, Found a spot with a bunch of Milks from early 1930s. Quarts to 1/4 pints. Here are a few of the 1/4 pint examples. Were these for cream or milk?
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    1930s fruit juice in milk bottle?

    Dug another from the same spot. A few interesting differences. Bottle is heavier. “J” is dotted and no embossing on the bottom of the bottle.
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    1930s fruit juice in milk bottle?

    Very cool. Im enjoying the history. I think the date in bottom says 32’
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    Almost took a taste

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