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    My new jar arrived

    I just love these old cork seal type jars. I know unembossed jars aren't everyones favorite but these types are my favorites. This is my first one in HG size. I have several in quart size with IP and hinge mold which are fairly common, but I don't see many in HG. Does anyone have any guesses...
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    GJCo Pint question

    I was watching this GJCo squatty pint jar on Greg Surgeon last auction (item number 2066). I already have this jar and was just watching but was amazed to see it bring $735. It appears to be like mine, rb1109 valued at $50-75. with the domed lid. (Sorry but couldn't figure out how to link...
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    Conservation of Glass

    I stumbled across this article from Texas A&M on artfact conservation on antique glass and thought it had some very interesting info. Wanted to share with anyone else that may be interested. It also has links to conservation of other items that may be of interest.---Gary...
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    Willington Pickle Jar Question

    I've just recently acquired this very nice 11 3/4" Cathedral pickle with a square iron pontil. My question is that I see similiar type jars referred to as Willington Glass Works jars. What specifically is the difference between Willington and other glass houses on these pickle jars?
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    Lightning Color Question

    What is the color of this jar? Red Book list this jar in aqua which means to me green. In all light conditions this jar shows strong blue but I see a lot of Lightning photos that show this blue also so I don't think it is rare at all. I'm just curious as to what you would acually call this color.
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    My Rustic Bottle Cabinet

    I've just added some new LED lights to a bottle cabinet I built a few years ago.Stripped some weathered oak lumber and rusty sheet tin off an old barn on our place and built this cabinet. Since we're pretty rustic, it fit right in here. I've added the new directional LED lights to try and get...
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    Ghosted Ball

    I just got a Ball dropped A, 3-L Mason just like shown in RB#234. Aqua Quart. I can only see the B and part of the underline until I hold it up to the light and then the rest of the lettering can be seen very faintly. It dosen't show up at all in a photo. Is this "ghosted" or an error jar...
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    Square -Flared lip Bottle??????

    Newbie needs ID help on this one. 8" tall 3" wide aqua green bottle with all 4 sides slightly indented. Not a mold seam mark anywhere on bottle including base, sides, and neck. Slight twist in neck. Bubbles from base to finish. Suction mark/Pontil on base feels lumpy but smooth. Flared finish is...

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