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    No they didn't, I use it on there all the time.
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    Metal Magnet is now stuck on the bottom of lake

    It's pre 64 and they are 90% silver
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    Any tips for removing corks from bottles.

    I'm surprised no one said a good old cork screw?
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    Curious about Ebay

    Yeah, WOW!
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    What is everyone's favorite hutch bottle?

    I found a lot of shards that color yesterday, but nothing whole, unfortunately.
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    Campbell Brothers Tacoma , WA Soda Bottles

    How did you get the date of 1938? Mine says 44 and it seems yours looks exactly the same as mine. I found mine on a farm in Fife, in 2016. and only one. Luckily, mine still has the ACL intact. You ight have rubbed yours off? I let mine dry before I cleaned it. I learned that the hard way on a...
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    63 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

    Pretty much what I first thought too...
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    I’m speechless

    I do that with coins too. If one doesn't have lot of value to begin with, it can't hurt to just make it look better. But there is always those out there that have a fit anytime someone touches a coin, even if they are dug. (And I have done both) A dug coin always has environmental damage, so it...
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    Got Spooked by a Fisher Cat while out digging

    A friend I was hunting with nearly got attacked by one. I loaned him a .22 Mag pistol, but it wasn't clocked right so he didn't get a good shot but he said it was limping away. I could tell by the look on his face that it really freaked him out. He must have gotten close to it's nest, because he...
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    WW2 relicts in my back yard / coke & bullets

    Did you find the cartridge with a metal detector? If you don't have one you should think about investing in one.
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    Green 7 oz. Orange Crush for sale.

    I noticed that too. I'm no expert, by any means but that leads me to believe it is a more modern repop.
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    Am i missing something?

    I don't either. $520 for a 2006 $20? Yikes... I have a very extensive coin collection, and check my change every time, maybe I need to start checking the paper now.
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    Sharp pontiled crude black glass bottle.

    I think someone threw that away too, dammit...
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    Education on this bottle please.

    I found a bottle of Nehi concentrate once, while hunting deer, but somebody thought it was worthless and threw it away...
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    Some New Soda Additions...

    The Campbell Bros is rare, the 7 Up not so much.
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    Some New Soda Additions...

    Would you be interested in buying mine? Dated 1944. very rare. the only thing I've ever seen online is a cap from them. I also have a 7 Up from that era too. They were both dug in Fife, Wa. and the red is gone on the 7 Up.
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    Sharp pontiled crude black glass bottle.

    I found the bottom of a bottle like that, but I think it was bigger, in the middle of a rotting stump, while metal detecting. Can't find it ATM tho...It was in an area that had a CW era fort, and was probably used for target practice. I wish I could have found the rest of it.
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    frustrated by seller who won't ship bottle

    That is the worst site for people posting but never responding back. I've given up on it pretty much.
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    GlassWorks Auction #148

    I think that 20% deal is just wrong. That should go to the seller, not the buyer.
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    Makes me wonder how they put that stopper together, with it in the bottle? Or did they just lube it up and shove it thru?

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