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    Platte City, Missouri - March 21, 2020

    Saturday, March 21, 2020 - We'll have the 18th annual Northwest Missouri Insulator & Bottle Show. I've been a regular since the show began in 2003 in St. Joe. I'll be there with a table of insulators and an educational display, too. Official Show info: The 2020 NW Missouri Insulator &...
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    Platte City, Missouri - March 18

    The 15th Annual Northwest Missouri Insulator & Bottle Show will be held at the Platte County Fairgrounds, 15730 Fairgrounds Rd., Platte City, MO 64079. Platte City is between Kansas City and St. Joseph, very close to I-29. March 18 is the same weekend as another local antique show, which allows...
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    Remove bits of a red rubber gasket?

    I've got an old glass carboy lid with a crack. At some point, a previous owner put a red rubber gasket (like the kind Ball made for canning jars) to add some cushion between the lid and carboy lip. I know it's not original but left it in place. The rubber has crumbled so I decided to pull it...
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    Tracy, Missouri - March 19, 2016

    The 14th Annual NW Missouri Insulator & Bottle Show will be held at the Platte County Fairgrounds, 1st & Tribble St., Tracy, Missouri 64079, which is half way between Kansas City and St. Joseph, off of I-29. We will again this year have it the same weekend as a longstanding antique show in...
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    Northwest Missouri Insulator & Bottle Show - Tracy, Missouri 3/21

    The 13th Annual NW Missouri Insulator & Bottle Show will be held at the Platte County Fairgrounds, 1st & Tribble St., Tracy, Missouri 64079. In between Kansas City & St. Joseph, just off of I-29, only 6 miles from the Kansas City International Airport. Set up time will be 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM...
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    March 8 - Northwest Missouri Show - Tracy, MO

    The 12th Annual NW Missouri Insulator & Bottle Show has a new location! This year's show will be held at the Platte County Fairgrounds located at 1st St. & Trebble St., Tracy, MO 64079. (Tracy is between St. Joseph and Kansas City, just off I-29) Set up time will be 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM, then...
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    Hey, EPackage!!

    Hey, Jim -- you and any other Paterson fans might want to check out this morning's Shorpy photo. If you click on the link, then click on "Full Size" you'll get to see all the details. http://www.shorpy.com/node/15471#comments For those who haven't seen it before, I and others have...
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    St Joseph, Missouri - March 9, 2013

    11th Annual NW Missouri Insulator/Bottle Show & Sale, American Legion Pony Express Post #359, 4826 Frederick Avenue, St. Joseph, Missouri 64506. Antique insulators, bottles, jars, telephones, porcelain signs, lightning rod balls & arrows, and other miscellaneous collectibles. Many St...
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    Happy Birthday, Brains!!

    Wishing you all the best, Bryan!! Happy birthday!
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    Shorpy Photo - 1909 in Millville

    I don't think I recall seeing anyone around here mention Shorpy - a great website featuring hundreds of fascinating old photographs on all sorts of subjects. It's gained quite a following among the insulator collectors since many of the city scenes contain great views of line construction and...
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    St Joseph, Missouri -- March 10

    I'll be there! The show's typically about 50/50 bottles and insulators. Last year's show featured a cool display of Iowa sodas and the NIA fake/altered exhibit.
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    Insulator Interests

    Cool... we have an insulator subforum now! Thanks, admins! Since I know we have a fair number of insulator people here, I figured we might as well share our interests and specialties. As for me: 1) Samuel Oakman and his Boston-area companies: Massachusetts Glass Co, Boston...
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    How I spent my summer vacation - insulator dump!

    You folks inspired me to get digging this summer, so a friend and I poked around an old insulator dump! I very stupidly forgot to bring my camera, so I'm afraid most of the photos are after the fact. Here's an Ipad photo of me in the stream with a few finds. Much of the stuff dug came from...
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    Six Sided Star on a Hutch??

    I learned that a six-pointed star is a "Brewer Star" and doesn't signify kosher product or other stories I've heard. That led me to thinking about a hutch bottle I have, embossed T W GALVIN / ROCHESTER N.Y. with a six-sided star on the back. It's got a ten-sided "mug base" if that's significant...
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    New stuff from the St Joe Show

    Had a great time at the St Joe, Missouri show a few weeks back. I managed to get three things to satisfy the collecting urges. First - insulator from an area of Poland/Russia that's switched back and forth between the two countries before and after WWII. This is the earlier, Polish...
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    Syracuse Baker - crown top?

    I've had this for some time, but it's always mystified me. It's embossed SYRACUSE BAKERY / 5 c[ents sign] / PREMIUM BRAND. Also embossed with capacity 1 pint 14 oz, so that's 30 oz total. Any ideas what sort of product a bakery would sell in a crown-top bottle? My dad grew up in the...
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    St Joseph, MO - March 12

    The St Joseph Insulator/Bottle Show is coming up on March 12. I always enjoy this show, and I'll be set up there with insulators, including a box of freebies. There's always some great glass -- bottles, insulators, and all sorts of phone collectibles and other items. Show site is...
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    Anyone heading to Springfield?

    Anyone around here heading to the Springfield insulator extravaganza next weekend? I'll be there with a table of glass. No bottles, though. Brains, it's right in your neighborhood, so I hope we get a chance to meet up.
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    Bottle Auction - Reserve vs Opening Bid

    Got a question for anyone familiar with auctions... What's the point of having an undisclosed "reserve" price that's higher than the minimum opening bid? If, say, a consignor says "I won't sell it for less than $1000.00" then why not make the minimum bid $1000.00? Why set opening bid at...
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    How to photograph weak embossing on dark glass

    I've got a piece with an unusual embossing and I'm trying to get a photograph of it. The glass is very dark green, almost black, and the embossing is somewhat weak (it looks like the mold impression is not very deep). Any ideas for capturing the embossing in a photo? Backlighting makes...

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