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    Ball mason 3 L bottle

    So I found this Ball mason 3 L bottle and the whole entire bottom looks like it has been added on and it also is not completely round as you can tell. Ive been told there is not a pontil mark on the bottom but perhaps a value mark. The rounded area is pushed out not in . Looks like an...
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    Waterfill and Frazier Bottle

    Can anyone tell me the age on this
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    Fritzsche Brothers oil of Santal East India bottle

    Does anyone know anything about this bottle. Age, or rareity
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    Ammonium sulphate embossed bottle

    Have an bottle embossed Ammonium sulphate on the front with the date March 25 1879 on it. It has a glass stopper lid. Nh4 2SO4 Phila new York on the bottom also Whitall Tatum Co
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    Number 13

    Just curious how many have canning jars with the number 13 on the bottom. We actually have found 3 of them.
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    Weird Bottle lip What is it?

    Has anyone ever seen a bottle with a lip like this. It looks like a wave
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    Red lake bottling company Bottle

    Found this bottle the other day.

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