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    Hand blown falls city Louisville KY beer bottle

    I found this a while ago. Its a hand blow fall city brewing co beer. Im not sure how old it or home much it is worth but it is still a super cool bottle for my personal collection. Thank you Tom smith
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    Very nicely embossed Ewing's dairy products

    Found this a few days ago on the bank of the Ohio River. I can't find this specific bottle online from this company. I believe it to be somewhat turning purple so if it is pre-1918? but that may just be the light tricking me. If anyone knows how old this bottle is or what it could be worth I...
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    Wine of Tar and Hoods sarsaparilla

    just got these two bottles from an antique store. I paid $15 for the wine of tar and I believe it to be 1870s with an applied top. I paid only $10 for the hoods and I think it's 1890s. I don't know a lot about wine of tar and if anyone knows how old it is what it's worth I would really...
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    New sodas to add to the collection

    Here are some new sodas that I have recently added to the collection. I bought all of them except for the Parfay from Louisville which I found. There is a Rivo from Louisville, The Long 10 Bottle from Louisville, Spring Bank Bottling Works from Louisville, Star Boys from Danville Va, soda...
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    The long 10 Bottle Louisville KY

    I found this in a local antique store in the Louisville area. I paid $7.50 for it and it has no damage. I can't find it online at all and if anyone knows anything about it like rarity, price, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Tom smith
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    My first local druggist Frankfort KY

    MY goal for 2021 was to dig a local druggist and today I accomplished that. Chapman and Williams druggist and pharmacists Frankfort KY. Does anyone know how rare this could be or the price not that I will ever sell it I can't find it online at all? Here also are some of the other bottles that...
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    I need help with these 2 Artdeco Lousville ky soda bottles

    I paid $7.50 each for them. The long ten bottle the NGB co and Rivo Louisville ky. I can't find either of these bottles online. If anyone knows about these bottles I would love to know their rarity, value. Thank you Tom smith
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    More broken bucket listers

    Found these sticking out of a fallen tree today. Broken yellow bitters applied top. Does anyone know what kind of bitters it would have been? The perfume bottle was also in the same fallen tree. I will continue to post on this thread if I find more.
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    All of the sodas that I own

    Here are all of the embossed sodas that I own. I have found most of them myself. They are in order from oldest to newest. The really dark bottle is my very early Louisville KY amber straight side coke. The 2 hobbleskirts one is from Lexington KY and the other is from Montgomery AL. Tom smith
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    My biggest heartbreaker ever

    A while ago I was walking a local creek that really did not have too much glass in it at all. The only things I found were a marble and a bottle stopper. Then I just this bottle. It is a broken falls city bottling works what I believe to be a hutch. I Looked on hutch book and there is one...
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    Turn mold applied top wine bottle

    Any idea on the age of this bottle? I believe it to have an applied top and has no mold lines at all. My thought is maybe 1860s-1880s that's just a guess. Thank you Tom smith
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    What are the different Dr. Miles med bottles?

    I am trying to get 1 of every single Dr. Miles Med bottle for my personal collection. All I have right now are 2 Dr. Miles medical co ice blue in color. What are the other ones that say Dr. Miles or just made by his company? Thank you Tom smith
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    Drey perfect mason jar

    Got this bottle out of my yard today it has 4 sides and no damage. Any idea of the age of the jar and the age of the ball lid? Alo what is it worth because I know the lid can be with more than the jars? Thank you Tom smith
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    Very weird looking bottle

    I have no idea about this one. I believe it to be from 1930. The only idea I have is that it could have been is maybe something you light on fire. It is 6 sided. Thank you Tom smith
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    Does anyone know anything about these 2 quart milk bottles.

    Both of these bottles have very light damage but they need a good cleaning. One bottle says Plainview farms and is from 1936. The other one I am having a hard time find online. it has very week embossing and says euings or ewings dairy products. Any info on where these bottles come from and if...
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    Is this bottle new or old?

    I this new or old and if old how old? Thank you Tom smith
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    Tell City Indiana coke bottle

    For those who have porters coke checklist does it mention this bottle and if so what rarity? I found this in the woods a while ago it's from Tell city Indian. I can't find much about bottles from this town. It says in us paten office 6 fluid ounces. Thank you Tom smith
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    Everything I have dug out of my yard

    Here are all the bottles I have dug out of my yard. My house was built in 1890. The son of the man that built my house lived in England until the early 20s. The huge half-gallon blob top I will repair one day. My personal favorite find of all time would be the marmalade jar. The photo cut out...
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    Todays antique store pickups

    Picked these up at a local antique store today. I love the 2 super nice medical bottles. I paid 7.00 for all 3 of them. Does anyone know how old the cone ink is? It is really crud with a lot of bubbles in the glass. Thank you Tom smith
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    Need help with stoneware insulator

    I got this out of a creek a few days ago. Does anyone know what kind of insulator this is? It has very light damage. Thank you Tom smith

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