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    Privy advice

    My son was recently in a woodliner. He opened it up late in the day. We planned to go back the next day and finish it out, but Unfortunately, due to weather and distance, we couldn't get back to it. But we will - it's in a location where we're pretty sure no-one will find or mess with it. My...
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    Construction lot finds

    Found a dozen or so bottles in a big pile next to a hole that obviously cut into a dump. These are the ones that were clean and inside-the-house worthy! Who knew that the Pinaud cologne was red? From the left - JPB; Boericke & Tafel (chip on lip, unfortunately); local hutch; and the Pinaud...
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    Witch bottle?

    Pretty interesting story. I have no idea whether the witch bottle narrative is true. But it's a sweet bottle regardless. Enjoy! https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/25/us/witch-bottle-virginia-civil-war-trnd/index.html
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    Amazing bottle display at Philly Museum of Art

    Two images of unbelievable flasks Another of a barrel (bitters?) in the original mold. How cool is that?
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    Nice (and unusual) construction site find

    i'm guessing it's some sort of decanter? Amazing it survived intact. Very, very faint embossing on the base saying "Patented" and "July 21" but completely unreadable year. No other embossing. Smooth base. 8" tall, 6 12" diameter at the base. Enjoy!
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    A true glass "whatzit"

    Any idea what this is? I'm thinking some sort of insulator sort of thing. Found at a construction site that's got a lot of TOC shards. It's solid glass, maybe 2" high. First image is of the top, then the body (bisected by a hole), then the base with a sort of kick-up. Thanks, Andy
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    Pretty cool antique store item

    Didn't buy it - maybe I should have?
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    Bought this today

    Hi all. Bought this older version Warner's Rheumatic Cure today. Note the backward "S" in U.S.A. the Warner's blog says it's worth $85-100. Does that seem right?
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    Martinsburg, W.Va. are

    Hi all. Just relocated to the Martinsburg area and looking to do some digging. I'm Andy, and can be reached at (401) 871-7482
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    New Bedford Mass

    Hi all. Driving through there I noticed a lot of vacant lots and abandoned buildings in the city. Has anyone dug there? What's it like? Anyone want to hook up and probe some of the lots there? Andy
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    Just posted a thread in Digging and Finding, but thought I'd do so here as well. Will be in Bermuda in late June for the Newport-Bermuda sailboat race and would love to meet up with Bermuda collectors to see your collection, or better yet, get in a dig or a dive. Thanks. Andy
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    Will be in Bermuda in late June for the Newport-Bermuda sailboat race and would love to meet up with Bermuda collectors to see your collection, or better yet, get in a dig or a dive. Thanks. Andy
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    Hi everyone. I know it's not bottles, but it's still cool old stuff coming out of the ground, so close enough. Did you see this story? Freakin' incredible. What would I give . . . http://www.cnn.com/2014/02/25/us/california-gold-discovery/index.html?hpt=us_t3
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    Hi everyone. Dug about 1/2 of a small RI druggist today, and wanted to see if it was known before discarding. It's embossed S. W. Himes & Co., People's Pharmacy, Phenix R.I. Taylor, or others, do you know of it? Andy
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    Help removing tar

    Nice hutch I dug some time back - mug base, no chips, dings, etc. However, it's got some tar dried inside it. Any suggestions what I can do to dissolve it without damaging the glass? Thanks
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    Military guy, assigned in RI, willing to travel, interested in pre-1900 dump or privy digging. Been doing this off and on for a long time, but it's been way too long since I've done any digging and I'm starting to feel the diggin fever again! Andy
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    So - I've always been curious - with all the privy dippin' that was going on in the old days, what'd they do with the night soil? Wherever they put it must be absolutely loaded with bottles. I've been told it was used for fill and whatnot. If that's so, shouldn't urban reclamation projects...
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    Hi all, I don't recall having seen a discussion on GPRs on this site before. I'm considering getting one. Probing large country lots, especially here in rocky New England, is just too difficult. Does anyone out there use one? If so, how has it worked for you? Do you have a brand/model...
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    Is this a privy?

    Hi all, I came across this feature at a construction site here in in a city Rhode Island. It's obviously man-made. As you'll hopefully be able to see from the series of pictures I'll post, it's square, about 4' per side, and appears to have a large slate cap across the top. I tried probing...
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    RI diggers?

    Just moved to area - been a collector since the 70s - looking to do some digging, either dumps or privies. Give me a response and we can exchange contact info. Andy

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