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    3 Coppers

    This bottle on eBay now. It’s one I want, but want a like new, which this one isn’t. If anyone has a like new, I’ll give $200.
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    Cherry Flip Art Deco/Fancy Glass

    Is anyone familiar with this one? In my own experience, it is rare. That aside, how popular is it? One that everyone’s looking for, or meh?
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    New to the Collection

    Have been looking for Orange Snap bottles for years. Finally got one last night, the one with all the little raised dots. Still looking for the basket weave version. Please let me know if you can sell one. Thanks!
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    St. Patrick’s Day Sodas

    For St. Patrick’s Day, I chose some of my best green ones, of course! (If you have a strong favorite, I’d like to know which it is.)
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    Baltimore Maryland Cobalt Blue Soda

    I just bought this Citro bottle. Still looking for similar ginger ale bottle. Hope to hear from you!
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    Tough Art Deco Find

    I found this one to be a tough Art Deco to find. Haven’s, of Valparaiso, Indiana (not abbreviated, just like on the bottom). Note the rare Prioff top, which actually dates the bottle to the 30’s.
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    Wanted: Large Grapette

    Anyone with this bottle to sell?
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    Art Deco Superlative

    To me, this is a really special bottle. Just arrived, it’s like new for being nearly 100 years old (made in ‘28), by Three Rivers Glass, something that appeals to many. I just feel very lucky, very good. Put it right onto the top shelf, where it belongs!
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    Pre-statehood Hawaiian Sodas

    Purchased these three pre-statehood Hawaiian bottles, all in NM condition. I’m mainly an Art Deco soda collector, but my favorite here is the big one that is the plainest in terms of glass. Go figure. I have around a dozen others, those being a lot more like the sodas I mainly collect, ornate...
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    Brand New Cuban Art Deco Soda

    This rare Art Deco soda from Cuba (larger one, ‘Venus’) just in. It goes nicely with my other. I consider both rare because they are from well before the revolution was completed in 1959, but post-War. I also love how both are MINT. How does that happen in the midst of all that turmoil...
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    Canadian Art Deco Wanted

    This one, in particular.
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    Prized for a Different Reason

    I’ve contributed before to this category. It was a very rare, very mint, very Art Deco, green Big Chief. I haven’t decided it’s not my favorite. Does anyone with a collection of nearly 1000 have a single favorite? Unlikely. So I have favorites, not just one. Anyway, this contribution, this...
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    Indian ACLs

    Want to buy these and similar. Thank you.
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    Velvet Art Deco

    I’ve been hoping to get one of these. Casewear on the top protrusion, otherwise like new. Dated 1932. In my experience, this bottle is HTF. Does anyone else have one, in green maybe? Also, as always, I’m a hardcore collector, desperate to hear from other strong Art Deco collectors with...
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    WTB Big Chief ACL WANTED

    Want to buy this Big Chief ACL. Must be in mint condition. Also want to buy the larger size, 24 oz or so, can’t recall, looks similar. Again, must be in mint condition. Thank you.
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    Green Art Deco Big Chief

    Absolutely nothing special about an Art Deco Big Chief bottle, unless it’s green and mint! Then nobody has, and everybody wants.
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    Art Deco Sodas WANTED

    Have a nice collection already, but maybe you’ve got something special. Pictures to help. Thanks.
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    Art Deco Sodas

    Would love to connect with others collecting Art Deco sodas. I have been for about 18 months now. Here are some favorites. I am actively collecting still, so please let me know if you have any rarities to offer. Thanks.
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    Chisca ACL

    Can I buy this bottle from anyone?
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    Eye Candy

    Let's see your eye candy! My thing is Art Deco, embossed, ornate, fancy, etc. Love colors, too, especially green, but (ice) blue is pleasing.

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