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    1924 Democratic National Convention Fob

    Found this 1924 New York Democratic National Convention fob wile digging bottle today
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    Rare 1910 Wheat penny found in a ghost town

    Dug this nice 1910 wheat penny in a ghost town that has real deep sand this the way it was no cleaning
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    Super nice large Wildroot bottle & a small one

    Dug in a 1942- 1945 U. S. Army training dump site
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    Small closer on this size bottle

    Dug in a 1942-1945
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    1930-1940 cigarett lighter

    Found this lighter in a 1940 army dump site
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    Dug Fort Worth brick

    Dug 5 of these Acme Brick Fort Worth bricks [5-6-2021
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    Nice decanter found at a sale

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    Pepsi bottles & a metal 6 pack pepsi case

    Dug these pepsi bottle out of a 1942 - 1945 army training dump site and the case was given to me
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    Two French Bottle

    Kerkoff Paris France perfume bottleNew oil
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    Two amber poison after a bath

    These two amber poison has had a bath [ dug 4-25-2021] :)
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    Dug these two amber poison & many more bottle today

    Dug these bottle today
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    Late 1800 rough rider overalls button & more finds

    Dug these out a late 1800 sawmill ghost town
  13. E


    Dug this clock key in a late 1800 ghost town
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    Shreveport La. Hutch bottle

    The Bowers Bottling Works
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    Stamps Ice & Fuel Hutch

    Stamps Ark. hutch
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    Two display of milk glass for the show

    I am going to do just two display of milk glass & 2 display of WW 1 1 bottle & the rest civil & late 1800,s & early 1900 8 display in all of bottle and about ten thousand artifact on display
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    Late 1800,s to early 1900,s amber whiskey

    This beautiful late 1800,s to early 1900,s amber whiskey was in with the h hutch bottle
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    Jefferson Texas hutch

    Jefferson light & power co.

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