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  1. Torringtontg25

    Ky Meds

    Anyone out there have Ky medicine bottles? I'm finding out about new ones every day, and cannot find a dedicated thread for medicine bottles from Kentucky. Will post some of mine later today.
  2. Torringtontg25

    Crab Orchard, Kentucky WTB

    I am interested in purchasing a bottle of two from Crab Orchard Ky, primarily interested in soda bottles. Let me know what y'all got for sale! Thanks!
  3. Torringtontg25

    Schlac & Weissert

    I picked this up a year or two ago at a local antique shop for I think $20... *hides face* I normally never buy bottles more than about $10-$15 but I had never seen another one before, and it had been there quite a long time. The base has a big chip taken out of it and a crack which can be seen...
  4. Torringtontg25

    Toy? What is this?

    Long story short, part of the soil around my house is from a trash dump from the 60s. When digging a new ditch, we found a load of things, mostly glass pieces. After rainstorms, more stuff from the dirt piles comes to the surface. Found this today. It is diecast, with flakes of red paint and...
  5. Torringtontg25

    Springer's of Louisville

    I just love paneled sodas! I picked it up a few months ago, I do not remember how much or from where, but it was most likely under $10. This is the only other embossed Louisville Springer bottle I can find, and it is quite different...
  6. Torringtontg25

    Triacol Alpers (Finally)

    Jeez, its been almost a year since I said I will make a post about this soon. Lol Anyways, here it is. I found this in an antique shop on Ocracoke Island for about $30. I was told it was found in a sandy privy locally, although what little research I could do showed that it probably came from a...
  7. Torringtontg25

    Has Anyone?

    Not sure which forum I should put this, but here seemed like the best spot. Has anyone ever found a vacuum cleaner while at a dump or creek? It seems like one of the lesser seen objects as they used to be made with quality. I have only seen two, one on Youtube and one on Vacuumand. Thanks!
  8. Torringtontg25

    RARE Spring Bank (non-ACL) from Louisville

    Had it for a while, but am trying to thin the collection to more local areas. Some minor scratches and marks, the back has the remnants (mostly the glue) of a price tag. I tried to get it off with some wd40 but it is stuck on there. Only one I have seen. $40 OBO not counting shipping.
  9. Torringtontg25

    Houston Dairy, Brodhead Kentucky

    Does anyone have any info on this dairy or a pic of a bottle from there? I saw the sign sell on eBay for $300 a few years ago, but that is it. The site is really close to my house and my next door neighbor used to work there. He used to have tons of the bottles behind his house, but they were...
  10. Torringtontg25

    Houston Dairy, Brodhead Ky

    Does anyone have one of these? If so, could you share a pic? It was made 5 mins from where I live and my next door neighbor worked there. He used to have a bunch of them, but someone came and dug them up. Apparently there are thousands under the site of the dairy, but as it is now a subdivison...
  11. Torringtontg25

    Al.F. Hochstadter

    Hi all! I picked this bottle up from a flea market a few months ago for $7. I am usually more into local bottles, but for $7 I couldn't leave it there. And yes, I have cleaned it several times. It really needs tumbling. Does anyone have any info on it? Thanks!

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