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    Markless amber jars

    They look like Helme's Railroad Mills snuff jars to me. RB 1235
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    stuck lids need help!

    I think I would set them upside down and spray some PB Blaster from the auto parts store around the lid and let it soak overnight.- Gary
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    I got antother Wax sealer for my collection today

    Really like that color on a crude jar like that. I think your right on the mfg. time frame, but I'm not sure that's a pontil mark. Could it just be some defect from mfg.?
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    I see them on Fleebay sometimes. They don't bring much.- Gary
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    sky blue help asap

    Try this link: http://www.hoosierjar.com/colorguide.html
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    Hit an old Farm dump! Todays Goodies!

    The honey jar is real nice! Red book 9 has it as rb 2757 valued at $85-100. Made by Ball.
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    Jar Lid

    According to my Red Book the top lid goes to 3 different jars. Brighton, Fruit Keeper, or The Magic Fruit Jar, all nice jars in the $40-400 range for jars with lids and clamps.
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    My new jar arrived

    Thought I'd throw up a pic of the HG re-united with her quart size sisters in a group shot. My IP petal jar is to the right of the HG just for comparison. I think I may need an intervention or something.[:(]
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    My new jar arrived

    I've got a petal and they do look very similiar. I've noticed also about these jars that I've never seen one with content stain. I assume that they were all cork sealed and the contents evaporated or spilled out before enough time passed for content stain due to drying and skrinking corks or...
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    My new jar arrived

    Thanks for the comments.-Gary
  11. B

    My new jar arrived

    IP base
  12. B

    My new jar arrived

    Crude tooled lip
  13. B

    My new jar arrived

    I just love these old cork seal type jars. I know unembossed jars aren't everyones favorite but these types are my favorites. This is my first one in HG size. I have several in quart size with IP and hinge mold which are fairly common, but I don't see many in HG. Does anyone have any guesses...
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    Very Crude common jars wanted.

    It is wicked. Good luck on it.
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    Very Crude common jars wanted.

    George- Here's one you might be interested in: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Nothing-But-Whittled-Antique-Glass-Scarce-Variant-MASON-Fruit-Jar-/170708125715?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27beff4813
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    New Inventory

    OK you got us hooked. Get the pics up pronto![:D]
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    Ancestry - Family History

    Let me throw out one more site for you http://www.genforum.genealogy.com/ You can go there and put your last name in the forum search and it will take you to tons of other folks already researching your family. Sometimes you get a lot of needed info that you haven't found yet.
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    Ancestry - Family History

    Ron, I started on my research about 15 years ago. Traced my paternal line back to his ship arrival in Virginia in 1635. I also spent a lot of time on my maternal line and currently have about 2300 names in my data base. Ancestry.com has a lot of good info but it gets very expensive to use them...
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    Lithograph found at antique show....

    Please be sure and update us when you get them idenified. Also could you post a larger picture if possible. Some cool looking items in there.--Gary
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    Jim, thanks for that link to the Darrell Plank collection. Some fantastic eye candy there.--Gary

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