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    Painted china's

    Dug these yesterday. Need to split with my partner. What's an approximate value on the Roses? 1 3/16" diameter
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    New Orleans drug store

    Anyone know if this bottle has much value? "American Drug Store New Orleans, La." 8 1/2" tall. 1900-1910 era.
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    Cincinnati amber coke

    Is this a common mold for Cincinnati amber Coca-Cola? Back is plain, no arrow.
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    Half gallon F C G Co

    Recently dug a half gallon, aqua, wax seal, fruit jar base embossed "FCG Co". My Red Book 8 only lists quarts. Are half gallons substantially better?
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    op food bottle

    Anyone have info on this pontiled, green food bottle? At least one anchor on the shoulders.
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    Northern Kentucky Bottle Show August 25

    Edgewood Ky, 41017, Saturday 25 Aug., 8-2 pm. Contact Ed Morris 859-414-4693 or ed@morristreasures.com. Or Randy Deaton 859-334-0512 or nkyfinds@gmail.com
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    Cabin Ink

    Dug this recently. Don't see it in Covill. Cornflower blue? 3 1/8" x 2 5/8" base. Any info? Thanks!
  8. M

    Altered Coca-Cola bottle

    Recently dug this Wilmore, Ky Bottling Works. Seems they had been a Coca-Cola franchise- wanted to keep using similar mold- and altered bottle or mold to remove "Coca-Cola/ Trade Mark Registered". First 2 pics show bottle, 3rd pic shows unaltered mold on a damaged bottle.
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    Blue swirl

    Can anyone tell me approximate value for this marble. About 5/8" dia. Dug with ca 1910 bottles.
  10. M

    B&O Whital Tatum seal oval

    Anyone familiar with this bottle? Looks like an O and a B within seal. Base embossed "Pat Jan 24 88/ W T & Co" About 6 5/8" tall.
  11. M

    Cambridge City Indiana soda

    Anyone have idea of value for this soda? "F.W. Dirk/ Cambridge City, Ind." "L&W" so prior to 1874.
  12. M

    Needed: May 2014 "Antique Bottle & Glass Collector" magazine

    Anyone have a May 2014 ABGC magazine they could part with? I have many from the past 10-15 years I would trade you. I also have lots of "Bottles and Extras" mags. Will trade several for the one I want.
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    pontiled "Genuine" medicine

    Dug an old hole yesterday. Actually started last week, but because it was under two footers and hard to access, went at it again from other side and was able to finish it. Also last two feet in water. All pontiled. Got 2 puffs first time and food bottle yesterday. Pic of bottle and some...
  14. M

    Zanesville stoneware

    Dug these bottles and jug from the same hole this past weekend. Layer covered 1870 to 1890's. I know James Benjamin was in Zanesville before he moved to Cincinnati. Anyone know his history in Zanesville or the rarity of his Zanesville pottery? The whiskey is "Old Dexter", from Butler Ky. It...
  15. M

    Snuff bottle?

    Can anyone help me here? Is this a snuff? Ceramic, about 2 3/4" tall. Dug in a 1920's context.
  16. M

    Ceramic pot

    Any ideas on what this is for? Dug many years ago from a 1900-1920's age privy. About 6 1/4" tall.
  17. M

    City Drug Store Lancaster Ohio

    Dug an 1880's wood wall yesterday. Nice, seedy, 2' thick layer with some bottles. Lots of fun! Want to know value and more info on the soda on the right in the pic. "City Drug Store/ Lancaster, O." reverse "Slocum & White" Middle bottle is Dr Guysott's Yellowdock & Sarsaparilla and on the...
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    California Brandy

    Dug a broken clear cylinder from an 1880's privy in Ky. Embossed "E J Baldwin/ Santa Anita Vineyard/ San Gabriel Valley/ Los Angeles Co./ California/ Brandy". Rarity? Value?
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    Unrelated bottles

    Recently dug these bottles. Except for coming out of the same hole in Lexington, Ky, they appear to me to be unrelated. That's a "Beach & Clarridge/ Boston, Mass" 1/2 gal jar on the left; a "J M Wilson/ Newport News, Va" seltzer; and a "USA Med'l Dept" on the right. The hole was 8' deep and...
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    Clark & Bros, Hamilton Ind.

    Anyone have info for or collect ceramics from Clark & Bros/ Manufacturers/ Hamilton, Ind. I have a drain tile or pipe marked as such. Guess it's early 20th century.

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