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  1. Timelypicken

    Green Perfume

    A friend of mine sent me a pic of this. I’ve never seen a green version of this bottle. Bottles don’t turn green right?
  2. Timelypicken

    Strange ebay bidding?

    I’ve seen caps go for over $250
  3. Timelypicken

    What am I? Strange shaped bottle found on a ranch outside of Yellowstone

    I would say newer than 1935. Probably a kitchen cooking item
  4. Timelypicken

    2 new local hutchs

    Very nice bottles
  5. Timelypicken

    Strange ebay bidding?

    Lately eBay has been removing absolutely stupid stuff and they never side with the seller. They removed and Aunt Jemima statue because they said it was racist
  6. Timelypicken

    Strange ebay bidding?

    Never mind what I just said. It’s just a eBay glitch. I’ve been having several listing glitches lately. eBay has been changing A LOT
  7. Timelypicken

    Strange ebay bidding?

    I’m pretty sure that happens when another person bids under the last bidders max. It doesn’t show the 2nd bidders bids.
  8. Timelypicken

    140 + bottle openers

    Adding this for sale. $15 plus shipping PayPal only USA only
  9. Timelypicken

    A&G or AGW?

    I think AGW
  10. Timelypicken

    140 + bottle openers

    When I see them cheap I have to buy them even tho I don’t like them. It’s a horrible addiction.
  11. Timelypicken

    140 + bottle openers

    I don’t really collect bottle openers so I thought I would sell what I have. 1st & 2nd pic $115 shipped for 140+ beer and soda bottle openers. 3rd pic $12 plus shipping 1910’s era Pittsburg Newman Beer opener PayPal only USA only
  12. Timelypicken

    my account on facebook marketplace is now disabled

    I’d say you were reported by someone. Same thing has happened to me. If anyone is reported once Facebook and eBay have fits and will ban you
  13. Timelypicken

    New Local Drug Store Found

    Funny that a drug co. Would give people recipes that would make them need drugs for diabetes. Lol
  14. Timelypicken

    New Local Drug Store Found

    Picked up a lot of vintage cook books to resell and I found these two which advertise local drug stores I didn’t know about. W. F. Summerkamf is the drug store. Also got the somewhat local Vandalia Mo Ellis Drug Co. book
  15. Timelypicken

    my account on facebook marketplace is now disabled

    Maybe because you didn’t pay through Facebook so they didn’t get their cut and now they are grumpy.
  16. Timelypicken

    I’m speechless

    I think he meant MINT Condition..... Until it sat in a creak for a month then got buried in the dirt.
  17. Timelypicken

    I’m speechless

    Yes ACL bottle are my number is #1 collectible category of bottles. Then it would go to locals
  18. Timelypicken

    Cabel’s Creamery bottle

    Thanks. I would say this is a early 20’s bottle
  19. Timelypicken

    Rare Local Milk Bottles Purchased in May

    I only collect embossed bottles that I’ve dug, milk ACL bottles that are from Missouri, and any ACL soda bottle that catches my eye as long as I find it at a estate sale/ resale shop. No online purchases. Helps keeping down my collection a little bit

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