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  1. Bottledigger52

    Green Footed Liqueur Bottle?

    That is a green depression glass shaker it is uranium and will glow dug quite a few over the years great find now you need the pair .
  2. Bottledigger52

    Need ID help

    These are pretty common always love to find them though they held mineral water, wine and other stuff I guess I would say $10 to $25 if it is mint. All though the lip on yours looks chipped so may only be a $5.00 one . Good luck and keep searching
  3. Bottledigger52

    what is and how much is kellys beverages bottle worth?

    We dig a ton of these in Maryland very common i leave them for the next person you could possibly get a $1.00 on a good day around Baltimore . Great soda if you are a new collector though.
  4. Bottledigger52

    strange glyco thymoline bottle. what is it and how much is it worth?

    That is a big one I have a tiny blown in mold one this was dentist issued mouth wash for dry mouth .
  5. Bottledigger52

    Bottle embossed Lionel, what did it contain?

    I'm pretty sure it was a hair tonic for dandruff .
  6. Bottledigger52

    Amber coke.

    Wow great find all I get is green love it and the fact it is Baltimore !!!!
  7. Bottledigger52

    Check this out!

    I agree when my dug bottles and crocks are priceless to me because I put in the effort and pulled a piece of history from the dirt it is an amazing feeling . It definitely makes it tough to put a price on something we are so passionate about that is why my collection just keeps growing haha .
  8. Bottledigger52

    Blue Hutch.

    wow great looking bottle !!!!!!!!!!
  9. Bottledigger52

    Check this out!

    yes unfortunately but they do sell great at that price . I mean not to bad for a free bottle though. It looks good on a shelf though .
  10. Bottledigger52

    Need help on this bottle !!!

    You are correct yes it is a sloppy tooled top my bad . I have checked all ten books I have and the internet nothing on history of the company or anything . That is why I figured I would get the guys on here like yourself knowledge. I’m thinking maybe it was a brand bought by another brand or...
  11. Bottledigger52

    Need help on this bottle !!!

    No they don’t look like it I dig those all the time and usually leave them but appreciate the help . i guess I need to word it better I know what a extract bottle is and what extract is I just can’t find this particular brand and bottle .
  12. Bottledigger52

    Need help on this bottle !!!

    I dug this bottle this year and can usually find some information on the maker and the company I can't find anything on this one . It is National Extract Company Philadelphia. The bottle is super crude not a rectangle at all very sloppy when making this bottle the last picture really shows this...
  13. Bottledigger52

    Check this out!

    Great find Catcat. That is Old Sol cleaning product from Baltimore MD was only around a short time . They come in a screw top as well which is rarer because it was only made for a short time. If you every visit the Bromo Tower Museum in Baltimore they have one with a label . They always sell...
  14. Bottledigger52

    What the heck is this?

    Sandchip has the information posted already definitely worth it .
  15. Bottledigger52

    Big Chief

    Wow that is awesome I wish I had a dump behind my office have been through the woods nothing there lol .
  16. Bottledigger52

    1950’s Soda

    Love that label great ACL. If you use bar keepers friend the powder on a rag or sponge that label will be perfect again ..
  17. Bottledigger52

    What the heck is this?

    Hey Caitlin and welcome that is a beauty of an ink well . I am from Maryland as well and you have to go to the Show this Sunday it is one of the best in the nation it is definitely worth it .
  18. Bottledigger52

    What a Crock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks guys and shotdwn thanks for the information that is some great research appreciate it..
  19. Bottledigger52

    What a Crock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was on a bottle hike behind a Amish farm in PA digging for bottles and saw the bottom of this Crock sticking out figured it was broken but to my surprise it was intact I flipped out . This is one on my favorites now because of the embossing of the Patent date Oct. 3rd 1882. The color is great...
  20. Bottledigger52

    Baltimore Bottle Show

    March 8th

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