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  1. J

    Houston bottle show July 19

    There is only one bottle show in Texas. The Houston show is July 18-19 at Crowne Plaza Hotel on Northwest Freeway. I have set up at the Houston show since 1974. Is anyone here going?
  2. J

    Tulsa bottle show this weekend

    I see there is not any activity in this category lately but is anyone going to Tulsa this weekend? I will be setting up there for the first time.Jay
  3. J

    Lots of ACLs on ebay

    I have over 100 soda bottles on ebay right now. ACLs from all over plus some embossed Dr Pepper bottles closing soon. Take a look if interested. Here is a link to my ebay...
  4. J

    Pictures from Dr Pepper show

    Here are some pictures from the Auction at the Dr Pepper Collectors Convention in Waco Texas. The two sided tin sign sold for $1000.
  5. J

    Chief Muskogee Oklahoma Indian ACL

    I got this bottle at the Dr Pepper national convention yesterday. It is from SEVEN-UP BOTTLING CO. MUSKOGEE, OKLAHOMA. Traded a Falls City Nebraska Big Chief for it. Does anyone know the current value of this one? Found one on ebay that sold for $99. buy-it-now. I'll probably keep it for...
  6. J

    Huntsville Alabama whiskey flask

    I found a strap side half pint whiskey flask embossed W. E. EVERETT HUNTSVILLE HOTEL BAR HUNTSVILLE, ALA. I don't know much about Alabama bottles but I suspect this may be a rare one. Anyone know anything about it? I'll take it to the Jackson Ms bottle show in Jan. Thanks.Jay
  7. J

    Odd Green Coke bottle

    I found an odd colored green hobbleskirt Coke bottle at the show this weekend. No embossing except on the base and no ACL lettering. I haven't seen this type before. I'm thinking possibly a paper label bottle or possibly a prototype. Came from Bill Agee's collection, I'm pretty sure not...
  8. J

    Wards Orange Crush w applied top

    Here is something you seldom see. A crown top soda with APPLIED top, not tooled top. This happens to be on a Ward's Orange Crush bottle. I'll post some pics of the rest of the bottle.
  9. J

    Texas Antique Weekend

    http://www.antiqueweekend.com/indexmain.html The Texas Antique Weekend is really a 16 day antique show, 15 miles long, about half way between Houston and Austin. It is held twice a year and has been going on for over 40 years. It is a lot like Brimfield but more spread out, not continuous...
  10. J

    Lotsa Huchs on ebay

    I started 58 Hutchinson auctions tonight. Might be some bargains in there. Take a look if you are interested...
  11. J

    Not a Bitters bottle

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=181206277043 I came across this while searching ebay for Bitters bottle. This is actually a float for an early flush toilet.
  12. J

    Clear Coca Cola Hobbleskirt

    I think this has been discussed before but I don't remember the details. I found a clear glass Coke bottle dated 1944. I think these were used during WWII for servicemen overseas. Anyone familiar with these? Sodapopbob?
  13. J

    Houston Bottle Show

    There are not many Texas members on this forum but I want to mention that the only Texas bottle show is next weekend. Aug 16-17 at Crowne Plaza Hotel 12801 Northwest Freeway in Houston. I hope those who are close enough will make it. Jay
  14. J

    Drug stores & ACLs on ebay

    I will be listing a lot of bottles on ebay the next 6 weeks. This week I have embossed drug store bottles and ACL sodas from all over. Will add some better ACLs next week. Take a look at the link if you are interested. Thanks...
  15. J

    Sodas from Rt 127 yard sale

    The World's Longest Yard Sale runs from Michigan to Alabama about 700 miles. We started in Northern Ohio and made it half way through Tennessee before we had to quit. Here are the Hutchinsons I picked up on that route. Newport, Ky Louisville, Ky Pakucah, Ky Kosciusko, Miss.
  16. J

    Rt 127 Yard Sale Finds

    Some of you don't know what this is. It is not your usual yard sale. It is really about 10,000 yard sales through 6 states for 700 miles along US 127. We started in northern Ohio on Thursday and made it half way through Tennessee by Saturday afternoon when we had to stop. Many individuals...
  17. J

    Manchester & Shupps Grove Bottles

    We just got back from a month long trip to the east coast, through 20 states. We set up at 3 shows and did a lot of buying as well as selling. Here are some of the bottles I picked up. First, 3 nice bottles for resale.
  18. J

    Worlds Longest Yardsale Rt 127

    My wife and I are returning to Texas starting Thursday by way of the World's Longest Yardsale. We will start in Van Wert Ohio and go as far as Chattanooga, Tn by Saturday night. We went on this trip 4 years ago and had a great time and found lots of stuff. Got a historical flask for $5 on...
  19. J

    East coast trip from Texas

    I'm getting ready to leave on a month long trip from Texas to the East Coast. We will be setting up at the Brimfield, Mass. antique show for the first time at J J's antique show July 12-13. Then the FOHBC national bottle show in Manchester, NH July 20-21. Then Shupps Grove bottle show in...
  20. J

    Guess I got too many!

    My wife is out of town visiting relatives for a week so I decided this is a good time to do bottle inventory before the National show. While she is gone I moved all the bottles from the garage (where it is 102 degrees) into the house so I can work in the air conditioning. I sorted them by...

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