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    Barq's Root Beer

    I found this old Barq's Root Beer bottle by the river here in Illinois :) But.. I cant find it anywhere online.. The bottle company symbol looks like L-C or L-G. Its embossed with Barq's on the front of the bottle.. Can anyone help me? Thank you for your time!@!!
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    If anyone can help :)

    I am driving myself crazier than I already am trying to figure out this bottle! Does anyone have any idea what it could be? 4" tall 11 inside of a hexagon on the bottom as the marking. No letters or anything else.
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    Stumped on this one.

    At first I thought maybe Tabasco sauce. But after seeing some of the Google Lens findings Im not quite sure what it is.
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    Here's a diff bottle..

    Does anyone know what this is? The bottom says Federal Law forbids resale or use 65 D•23 64 Owens-Illinois mark
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    What is this?

    Found this today. Only has Owens-Illinois mark. No numbers on bottom or heel. Top is all glass with a hole at the top for something to drip out of.
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    What kind of bottle is this..

    I found this bottle recently. Haven't been able to find it anywhere online.. 1 PT 12 FL OZ NO DEPOSIT*NO REFUND 1 PT 12 FL OZ NOT TO BE REFILLED The numbers on bottom are barely readable. Please help me :)
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    What year are these...

    Hey!! I recently started collecting bottles. I found quite a few of these Coca Cola bottles. But I have no clue how old they are..

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