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  1. TxBottleDigger

    McCormick pickling styled spice jar ???

    I got this many weeks ago and I just got around to washing it today. It seems to say “McCormick” and then it says “Baltimore”. I can’t find anything about it on the internet. It is a crude, whittled, machine made bottle. It has a slight aqua tint to it. Is this even known to exist ? Also; how...
  2. TxBottleDigger

    Piece of a railroad dish ?

    I found this one weekend ago at a small creek. It gives me railroad vibes. I mean, I did find it at a SA&AP railroad town. I’m probably wrong but just wondering. Looks like it’s from the 1890s. It appears to have something of a American sweetheart pattern even though this is much older than...
  3. TxBottleDigger


    What happened to SODAPOPBOB?
  4. TxBottleDigger

    Unknown Trappey’s bottle

    I found this around 2 weeks ago in a 1950s dump. It’s quite a unique bottle. It’s a Trappey’s bottle with a Owens Illinois date code of 1954. Weirdly for such a modern bottle and a well known brand, it is not documented on the internet. Strange right ? The cap is not original to the bottle. In...
  5. TxBottleDigger

    Before and after.

    I got this debossed Dr. Pepper last weekend for $3. Pretty good ! No city name though. Gotta love the Dr. Peppers. Here is the before and after of cleaning it.
  6. TxBottleDigger

    Interesting location. Does it have potential? I think so.

    While riding in the passenger seat, I saw this beside the road. It's a big pile of wood right beside the railroad tracks. I highly suspect their are A LOT of insulators in the heap of mess. What do you guys think?
  7. TxBottleDigger

    Cute little bottle. But I don’t know the specifics about it.

    Found this 2 weeks ago in a late 1940s/50s -1960s dump. I think it’s awfully cute. I’m not really sure what it contained, if it was a one time use or a somewhat permanent item, and when it dates from. It looks like a older bottle than most of the other ones. Salt and pepper shaker? Creamer? I’m...
  8. TxBottleDigger

    “HERE” “3” shard ?

    Found this shard... oh I dunno... 2 weeks ago? It’s interesting and I’m wondering if anyone knows what it would go to. Looks like 1920s/30s to me.
  9. TxBottleDigger

    Beautiful Whisky Flasks

    These all just came in yesterday. I got all of these for only around $125. Probably around $2,000 worth of stuff here. That shoe fly coffin flask is definitely worth at least $1,000. Never documented on the internet until now. Not one speck of information on the company. Hard to beat a flask...
  10. TxBottleDigger

    Southern Searcher (formerly NCbottles)

    Ah yes, my favorite bottle digging channel: Southern Searcher. Do a lot of you guys watch him ? What do you guys think about him ?
  11. TxBottleDigger

    Dallas Texas Mid-Script Straight Sided Coke.

    I got my first straight side around a month ago from eBay and I sure started out with a bang. A mid-script straight sided coke bottled in Dallas Texas. It’s a blown in a mold tooled top from circa 1900. This may be one of the few to exist in intact form from Dallas Texas because it is not...
  12. TxBottleDigger

    I'm probably going to start political parties on the antique bottles page due to this question. Lol.

    OKAY GUYS. Today I'm going to ask the question that I hear many people say different answers on. WHEN (circa) did manganese glass stop generally being made. I hear 1915, 1918, and even 1920s. Of course small bottling plants may have kept using manganese but I'm talking about the majority of plants.
  13. TxBottleDigger

    Finds of the day and precarious question.

    So today I was going down a back road with a family member in a very rural area and stumbled across a old abandon homestead. Since it wasn’t fenced off and it was a quite rural area I poked around for about 10 minutes. Quite honestly this is the best day of my barely one year career in the...
  14. TxBottleDigger

    Do aqua blue colored bottles contain manganese?

    I try not to expose manganese containing bottles that I don’t want to turn purple to sunlight when photographing them outside. I’m wondering if aqua blue bottles have manganese in them.
  15. TxBottleDigger

    What is the procedure to stop bruises and cracks ?

    I’d like to know what the procedure is for preventing bruises and cracks from forming due to temperature change when taking a bottle out of the ground.
  16. TxBottleDigger

    Antique Trader Identification and Price Guide book

    Is this book wildly used by collectors? I don’t intend on selling any bottles but I believe this can also be used to find the rarity of bottles. In general, what would be the best book for finding out rarity?
  17. TxBottleDigger

    Minerals in water

    Hmm. I wonder if hard water scratches glass. Maybe I’m just too paranoid.
  18. TxBottleDigger

    Do toothbrush bristles scratch ?

    I don’t believe they don’t but I have seen people say they use a “fine toothbrush” So do normal toothbrushes scratch?
  19. TxBottleDigger

    Frosted glass Warranted Flask

    I got this bottle from a estate sell a while ago and from my research I can’t find any Warranted Flasks that have frosted glass. Has anyone ever seen one like this before ?

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