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  1. Crossland22

    Huge Vintage Carboy

    Hey guys! (sorry for my English) I want to show you my last Demijohn! Not sure if this is a demijohn or carboy but in my country this is called Damajuana (Demijohn) I put an iphone 11 at the right side for size comparison. This is HUGE. It has a lot of bubbles. Unfortunately I didn't find any...
  2. Crossland22

    Demijohn VEBAD 34

    Hey guys! I'm new to this forum. I want to start my first post showing u all a clear Demijohn (left) I scored for $15. I think the person who sold it to me didn't know what she had on her hands. The bottom of the bottle reads VEBAD 34. I googled it and realised VEBAD SPA is an Italian Glass...

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