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  1. Timelypicken

    Green Perfume

    A friend of mine sent me a pic of this. I’ve never seen a green version of this bottle. Bottles don’t turn green right?
  2. Timelypicken

    140 + bottle openers

    I don’t really collect bottle openers so I thought I would sell what I have. 1st & 2nd pic $115 shipped for 140+ beer and soda bottle openers. 3rd pic $12 plus shipping 1910’s era Pittsburg Newman Beer opener PayPal only USA only
  3. Timelypicken

    New Local Drug Store Found

    Picked up a lot of vintage cook books to resell and I found these two which advertise local drug stores I didn’t know about. W. F. Summerkamf is the drug store. Also got the somewhat local Vandalia Mo Ellis Drug Co. book
  4. Timelypicken

    Cabel’s Creamery bottle

    Does anyone know what state this is from. I’m guessing Missouri, but I’m not sure
  5. Timelypicken

    Rare bottle openers

    From what I can find the Old India Pale was made during prohibition And the Cunard line was for a ship as its bottle opener / souvenir. Any info is appreciated
  6. Timelypicken

    Fundamentals Of Selling Soft Drinks cards

    Picked these up and thought they were cool. Any info is appreciated
  7. Timelypicken

    Repo or not repo. That is the question

    Are these old old or just older reprints?
  8. Timelypicken

    Brown Drug Co. sign

    Picked this up cheap. It’s from Quincy Illinois. Sorry for the trashy photo. It was raining outside and I didn’t want it to get wet so I took pics in my garage.
  9. Timelypicken

    Out of all my years in Missouri, I never thought it was special.

    I don’t know if I ever posted on this brick. Found it in a creek a while back. Just sharing. Also is Missouri Special a manufacturer?
  10. Timelypicken

    Bottle signs for sale

    7up= 2 for $12 plus shipping White Coleman’s= 2 for $12 + sh. Ham Coleman’s = $12 for 1 + sh. Nesbitts= 2 for $12 plus shipping 7up recipe book= $10 + shipping Hires bags= 2 for $10 plus shipping USA only PayPal only I have several of each lot available
  11. Timelypicken

    Mega Score on Vintage Signs

    I met an older lady who bought out the inventory of some soda dealers. She wanted to get rid of it so I got it cheep. A bunch of these I have duplicates if anyone wants to buy one or two as I only want one of each
  12. Timelypicken

    Picked these awesome crates up dirt cheap

    Picked these up for $2 per. Does anyone know how rare the paper label one is
  13. Timelypicken

    My ACL Milk Bottle Collection

    Just sharing
  14. Timelypicken

    My ACL soda and beer collection

    just sharing. A few of my ACL’s
  15. Timelypicken

    Local Ligons Soda “Art Deco Root Beer”

    Dug this one today. Was made about 20 minutes from where I live. Ligons made root beer
  16. Timelypicken

    That’s One expensive bottle

    Is this an accurate value to this bottle? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Pre-Pro-Bottle-W-Label-Faust-Anheuser-Busch-Brewing-Assn-St-Louis/233919513185?hash=item3676b08261:g:t7AAAOSwcGtgJvxP#vi__app-cvip-panel
  17. Timelypicken

    WTS Beer Patches

    $80 shipped PayPal only USA only
  18. Timelypicken

    Soda Patches WTS

    $40 shipped PayPal only USA only
  19. Timelypicken

    Pricey bottles

    Just curious what everybody’s most expensive bottle you have dug was and the most expensive bottle you have bought. Here are my two. Witesoda bought for $2. Only one known valued at $250+ local Troy bottle dug valued $50
  20. Timelypicken

    Mini milks

    Picked these up for free. Can’t beat free

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