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  1. Bottledigger52

    Need help on this bottle !!!

    I dug this bottle this year and can usually find some information on the maker and the company I can't find anything on this one . It is National Extract Company Philadelphia. The bottle is super crude not a rectangle at all very sloppy when making this bottle the last picture really shows this...
  2. Bottledigger52

    What a Crock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was on a bottle hike behind a Amish farm in PA digging for bottles and saw the bottom of this Crock sticking out figured it was broken but to my surprise it was intact I flipped out . This is one on my favorites now because of the embossing of the Patent date Oct. 3rd 1882. The color is great...
  3. Bottledigger52

    Baltimore Bottle Show

    March 8th
  4. Bottledigger52

    Please help with this Hutch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My dad bought this Hutch yesterday at a auction house very cheap haha . I have searched everywhere and can find no info at all not sure if it is rare or not but it is a great looking bottle. It has a embossed bull on it and reads New York Mineral Water Co. Cincinnati O. and has registered around...
  5. Bottledigger52

    Green Yoo-Hoo bottle please help !!!!

    Found this bottle today at a antique store it was 12.00 so figured what the heck and took a chance. I cannot find any information on Google whatsoever about a green Yoo-hoo bottle I know that they made fruit drinks in the 20s and it is definitely a Art Deco bottle. Any help would do . I feel it...
  6. Bottledigger52

    Finally got an Artic Beverages Bottle !!!!!

    I have been looking for this bottle forever it is on eBay sometimes got an amazing deal at a antique store I've never gone to 25.00 dollars was a steal but asked if they would do 20.00 and they did. Very neat and mint soda bottle.
  7. Bottledigger52

    Insulator kind of day !!!!!

    Found 1 popular club and 5 insulators today not a huge collector of them but they are all perfect. They even have all the teeth I think that’s what the bumps are called and one is a beautiful light blue color.
  8. Bottledigger52

    Impromptu dig behind the house tonight

    Not a bad dig tonight behind the house found a new spot. Got 2 strap sided flasks a lady’s leg whisky and a applied top ketchup only reason I kept It a rum ford and a plain small. Not a horrible night at all. I did dig some broken cryers 2 dr. Townsend’s 2 Clark and white mineral waters and a...
  9. Bottledigger52

    Cobalt Apothecary jar ????

    I dug this jar tonight and not sure what it is at all. I’m digging in a turn of the century to about 1930s dump. It is early machine made sloppy mold lines very thick the inside of the top is ground so definitely had a lid probably broke and that why they threw it out. Any help would do I’m...
  10. Bottledigger52

    Baltimore Bottle show treats !!!!!

    It was a great show got some great finds to add to my growing Warner’s Safe collection and some other great buys. All six for 140.00 not a bad day and got 50.00 for a John Hopkins Hospital milk I dug. Rheumatic, Nervine and a awesome little Warner’s Safe Concentrated A mint condition...
  11. Bottledigger52

    Need help identifying this bottle

    Need some help my Dad dug this bottle years ago in a great dump all bottles were between 1860-1890. This is one I can't find anywhere on the web or eBay or this forum. It says C.A. MORRIS & Co York PA. I believe it to be a snap case mold medicine it is very crude has a applied top very crude and...
  12. Bottledigger52

    Need help big unusual amber bottle ??

    I was out digging yesterday with my father he dug this bottle normally we would not get excited over a machine made bottle. But this one is unusually large and shaped very cool looking amber bottle. It is about 14 1/2 inches tall. Unfortunately it is not embossed except a MG on the bottom which...
  13. Bottledigger52

    It’s Dandy to refresh?????

    I found this Dandy soda bottle years ago digging have always had a passion for ACL’s to me I love the art that goes into to them. I would love any info on this bottle and rarity . I know it was made by Sunspot Beverages Baltimore, MD. Not sure of age it has a copyright of 1938 . Bottom is...
  14. Bottledigger52

    White Rock six pack from a local flea market !!!

    Found this Six Pack of white Rock all bottles mint for $8.00 I almost fell over when he told me the price steal of the week . At a Amish market flea market of all places . Pretty awesome graphics and advertising.
  15. Bottledigger52

    Any Info on New Gold Beverages ???????

    I found this bottle when I was younger it reads Drink New Gold Beverages on the front and is embossed on the bottom new gold. It’s from New gold bottling company , Baltimore Maryland. I have never seen another one believe it to be rare hopefully some of you guys have seen it and maybe have some...
  16. Bottledigger52

    Anyone every seen a Clifton Club???

    Dug this bottle Sunday not a horrible label for being in the hound since 1950 . I have searched this forum, eBay, internet cant find it any where. It is a awesome label was excited when I found it love baseball and bottles so it’s a homerun haha .Is this bottle rare any info or help would be...
  17. Bottledigger52

    Finally got a Warner’s Safe Diabetes Cure !!

    I have been collecting since I was 7 but got out of it in my late teens because girls and partying. I have really got back into it the past couple years which is great thanks to my dad and brother and hopefully I can pass it down to my kids. I have had diabetes since I was 7 and always wanted...
  18. Bottledigger52

    Any help would do Filston Farm ???

    My dad got this milk bottle from his friend who bought a house with 2 of these in the attic. I cannot find anything about it took it to a bottle show last weekend. All the milk guys were drooling over it and wanted to buy it not looking to sell it but would love to know it’s value and about it...

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