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  1. VernorsGuy

    1920’s Vernor’s Bottle with Gnome

    Thank you! It’s not often I find something I don't have.
  2. VernorsGuy

    1920’s Vernor’s Bottle with Gnome

    Just added this to my collection. Very rare cardboard piece with the gnome holding a Vernor’s “delivery boy” bottle. This era was 1920’s to very early 1930’s. The cardboard itself is undated. It’s the bottle he’s holding that dates the piece. Also included is a photo of a display that includes...
  3. VernorsGuy

    Old Vernors bottle

    Those embossed bottles are early 1900’s, like Leon said. There are a lot of them out there, but very cool to find one. There are many variations on the embossing. Several of mine also have nothing on the bottom. The embossed extracts are earlier. But, the Jas. Vernor Druggist bottles are the...
  4. VernorsGuy

    Paper Label - Worth Collecting? Curious what the view is.

    Holy cow! That is amazing. That top photo that starts with a Koppitz and ends with a Kling is impressive. Every one of those is a gem! Well done.
  5. VernorsGuy

    Paper Label - Worth Collecting? Curious what the view is.

    My most rare and valuable bottles are paper label. I love paper label bottles. They’re survivors!
  6. VernorsGuy

    Paper Label - Worth Collecting? Curious what the view is.

    Wow! Looks like you have some amazing paper label Detroit beers there, too. Can just see the bottoms of the labels. Nice!
  7. VernorsGuy

    found a $20 dollar bill in a park

    My wife and I visited our son in Denver two months ago. We took the train from the airport to downtown Denver. Getting off the train I spotted something on the ground. 200!!! Unfortunately, it was two 100 peso bills. Worth about $8. But, $8 is $8!
  8. VernorsGuy

    New Art Deco Soda.

    Whether or not Vernor’s actually began in 1866 is an age old question that is one of the longest-paged blogs on this site if you search Vernor’s 150th. The link below takes you to a short three minute You Tube video explaining it. Yes, a trademark application said Vernor’s entered commerce in...
  9. VernorsGuy

    Picked up 6 New Bottles Today.

    Great Vernor’s extract! One just like it sold on feeBay recently for $280! Tough to find.
  10. VernorsGuy

    New Art Deco Soda.

    Vernor’s 1866 White Rock 1871 Hires 1876 Moxie 1876 (as medicine) and 1884 (as carbonated pop) Dr Pepper 1885 Coke 1886 Pepsi 1893 All still available.
  11. VernorsGuy

    Vernor's bottle age?

    Vernor’s bottles usually have a two-digit Code on the bottom that is the year. The one in this photo says 57 for 1957. You are correct about the apostrophe.
  12. VernorsGuy

    Vernors produces 12 new Area Code bottles

    The last few years Vernors has produced several different sets of collector items. There have been two sets of lighthouse cans and a set of retro look bottles. Now, they have a new set of 12 hard plastic bottles with each of Michigan’s 12 area codes. So far I have found 231, 248, 313 and 616...
  13. VernorsGuy

    Verniers bottle

    The symbol in the middle of the hexagon that’s inside the circle is the letters V G A superimposed over each other. It stands for Vernor’s Ginger Ale.
  14. VernorsGuy

    Vernors Ginger Ale 150th B-Day

    Thank you! Great information. Yes, the numeral 1s are faint. In fact, at first I thought there was nothing on the bottom of the bottle. You have to tilt it just right to catch the embossed numbers. If nothing else, it looks like this could be the earliest non-siphon non-extract Vernor’s bottle...
  15. VernorsGuy

    Vernors Ginger Ale 150th B-Day

    It’s been quite a while since I posted anything. I recently bought another very early Vernor’s paper label bottle. The glass is different than ones I have posted here before. Previously, we collectively decided the earliest “marked” Vernor’s bottle was one that was embossed only on the bottom...
  16. VernorsGuy

    Vernors Display!

    Yes! They just throw them away.
  17. VernorsGuy

    Vernors Display!

    Looks like you live in SE Michigan. Try your local Kroger store. This is the display at mine. It has my name on it when they’re done with it.
  18. VernorsGuy

    Vernors Display!

    This photo of all five new bottles is from their cardboard store display.
  19. VernorsGuy

    Vernors Display!

    Impressive! You have a ton of different variations. Vernors has five new, but retro looking, plastic bottles out right now. Yes, they’re plastic which isn’t part of your display. But, they’re the really hard plastic not the cheap two-liter bottle stuff. It’s also a very short term promotion...
  20. VernorsGuy


    Dr Pepper Snapple Group owns all three pops: Schweppes, Vernor's and Hires. Vernor's claim is America's oldest continuously produced pop, because Schweppes is uncontested as the oldest of all pops that still exist today. DPSG puts Schweppes at 1783, Vernor's at 1866 and Hires at 1876. Due to...

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