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    Parson & Stott bottle

    Does anyone have any information on a Parson & Stott crown bottle ? Research has yielded absolutely nothing . Thanks
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    Amber Bayer bottle with slanted neck

    Folks, I cannot find any information on this Bayer bottle . Any help is greatly appreciated
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    Need Help Identifying Bottle

    Ok folks, I need some help in identifying this bottle. I first thought it was a thin “cowboy” whiskey flask to keep in the boots but it does not date in the right time frame. It could be medicinal. It is only 3/4” thick and volume wise, holds very little . It is a ABM bottle. The only...
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    NEHI Top of the World

    Good morning ! I am looking at a NEHI Top of the World deco bottle from Columbus Georgia. At one time it held orange soda on top and green on the bottom globe. It had a patent in 1926. Some sites call it extremely rare, rare and scare. I have never seen one What do you think this possible rare...
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    Try Me Rock

    I have a Try Me Rock embossed soda bottle. Try Me soda is very common but " Rock " ? Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    White Horse Whisky Bottle

    Good morning ! I am requesting advice on the approximate age range of the White Horse Whisky bottle. It is dark green with several bubbles. It has a double collar top with no markings on the bottom. The seams are vertical around the shoulder and then goes up the base of the collar ring.
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    Need help on Sovereign bottle

    I am requesting some information on this bottle. It has embossed " SOVEREIGN" across the shoulders with a P in a circle (Pierce glass works) 733 and a 4 on the bottom. I first thought it may be a wine company but it does not look like a wine bottle. It is about a little larger than a quart.
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    Advice on Codd bottle

    I purchased a codd bottle yesterday and was wondering afterwards of indeed it was a later made bottle or a repro or modern made in India. It is embossed ' Hindle & Co Blackpool " and on the bottom it has a wierd M with a small x under it, 10 oz and 11 B 2. It has a dark blue marble in it. Now...
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    Newts Beverage

    I have a ACL Newts Beverage from Gadsden, Al. It is a chocolate drink with no identifying marks on the heel or bottom. I cannot find any research on it at all, any help with information is greatly appreciated.
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    HYND bottle

    Greetings ! I need help with information on this bottle. It is embossed “ H Y N D “ and Braidwood I’ll on the shoulder . It has a capital H on the bottom base. On the heel is Root 3437 in tiny font. 7 ounces . I have researched this to no avail . Any help is greatly appreciated. Rick
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    Mini Soda ??

    I need help in identifying the impossible. I have a small what appears to be a soda light green unmarked bottle except for an embossed “ 10” on the heel which I think is possibly a run or mold number ? The bottle is 5-3/4 “ high and 1-1/2 “ across the base. I think it is about a 2 or 3 ounce...
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    Seymour Ice Cream Bottle

    Hey folks, I am having no luck at all with research on a Seymour Ice Cream Bottle with a S on the bottom. Seymour Indiana? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Please identify this marking

    Hey folks, I need help with this glass manufacturer marking on a soda bottle , I have never seen this mark and nothing shows up on the net, thanks
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    Deacon Brown Birmingham Al

    Hey folks, I know this is a long shot but I am looking for a Deacon Brown Soda Bottle from Birmingham, Al . They were only in the bottling business for one year. Thanks and be blessed
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    Buffalo Rock Bowling Pin style soda bottle

    I just purchased a Buffalo Rock bowling Pin style soda bottle and I am finding difficulty in determining the age range. For some reason Buffalo Rock Co does not have a lot of information on the net for research . Any help is appreciated
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    End of the Pratt City Bottling Co, Al

    Hey folks, I am recently retired from the Fire Dept and started the hobby of metal detecting and bottle collecting. I love history and reading up on the bottles I have found or purchased . Here is a interesting article about the famous Pratt City Bottling Co near Birmingham, Al dated December...

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