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    Mrs. Winslow's Toothing Syrup (Not Soothing) Error Bottle

    My 9 year old son dug this bottle Sunday in Galveston. It's cracked but he insisted we bring it home and now I'm glad he did. I was washing it and something in the back of my mind told me something wasn't quite right...and sure enough, take a look at this. Mold maker accidently put in a T...
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    Strange Blob Beer

    I ended up with a blob beer bottle in a large lot of beers I bought the other day that is quite odd. From a few feet away it looks like a slick slug plate 1880's beer. When I looked closer, however, this bottle is machine made. Honestly this is the first blob beer from the US that I have ever...
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    New Hampshire or Massachusetts Hotel China

    Picked up a small plate a while back with a coat of arms on it that I can't source. It came with some other hotel china that was mostly from Massachusetts and New Hampshire and it has a Boston back mark so likely is from one of those two states or nearby. Anyone recognize this? Thinking...
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    Houston Texas Bottle Show

    Houston show starts today (10/25)...great show. I'll be set up with all sorts of dug goodies from the past year of digging! Hope to see some forum members there!
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    Cork Top KV-1 Poison with 1953 Label

    Picked this up yesterday...a KV-1 poison bottle with a label that dates to sometime after 1953. I had no idea that the cork-top versions of these were used so late! Nonetheless, this hobby will always surprise you! The seller had 10 KV-1's in three different sizes, all labeled and all $2...
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    Hotel Platter Crest

    Picked up a small platter recently in a large lot of other hotel china. Most of the hotel china was from Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire, with the majority from the Alpine House, Fabyan House, and Pecketts (all northern New Hampshire). It has a W inside a crest...anyone have any ideas...
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    Galveston Dig

    Been a while since I posted a dig here so figured I'd get one up. Went digging last Sunday and ended up digging 5 holes. First was a trash pit-found one local pharmacy bottle. Second through fourth holes were duds...stuff was too new (1930's). Fifth hole was a nice 4' x 4' x 6' privy loaded...
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    Illinois Glass Co. Advertising Ash Tray

    Picked this up at the Marberger Farm Antique Show on Wednesday. I've seen a few bits of advertising from them over the years but this was a new one for me. Thought it was pretty cool!
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    J. W. & Co. Peppersauce

    Dug this peppersauce in Galveston on Sunday. Gloppy applied lip, looks to be early 1870's. Embossed on one panel J.W. & Co. I've never seen one before...anyone have any clue where they are from or what the company was? Zumwalt lists it but has no information except to state that it is...
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    Houston Bottle Show August 11, 2018

    Houston bottle show is coming up soon...flyer attached. I'll be there with some local stuff I dug. Hope to see some of you folks there!
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    1870's Strange Fancy Bottle

    Dug this beast on Sunday out of a "female boarding house" privy...it's about 11" tall. The only words embossed on it are "Pat. Applied For". Anyone have any idea what it might have contained? I was thinking maybe a hair tonic or something like that but it sure is a strange one. Privy dated...
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    Strange Cover

    Dug this a few weeks ago in a 1880's trash pit but have no idea what it could be. Any ideas? It took some time to make...the underside is polished flat and the two slots were cut into it and the edges polished.
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    Phillips Milk of Magnesia Advertising Glass What Is It?

    Picked this up yesterday and have no idea what it is...any ideas?
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    Brothel Dump?

    Went out this Sunday with my 6 year old son to dig a promising spot I probed out last week. Ended up being one of the more colorful privies I have dug. Privy was roughly 3' wide x 6' long x 6' deep. Use layer was from about 3' to about 6', but the top 2' of that dated to around 1900-1910, and...
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    Porcelain Signs (Indian Reproductions)

    Some of the repro porcelain signs coming out of India are getting pretty convincing. Beware...I suspect many of these will end up here in the US being sold to unsuspecting collectors. Everything this seller is selling is fake (though the seller certainly doesn't indicate this as he is listing...
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    Pacific Glass Works Bottle

    Dug this (badly damaged) little slick pharmacy bottle in an 1870's pit a few weeks ago. Almost threw it back in the hole but the embossing on the base struck me as odd. It's embossed "P.G.W." on the base, which I believe is Pacific Glass Works. It has an interesting peach color to it and the...
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    E. Anheuser St. Louis

    Dug this in a late 1860's/early 1870's trash pit here in Texas a few weeks ago...thought it was a typical slick whiskey at first but discovered it was embossed "E. Anheuser & Co./St. Louis Mo". Nonetheless, was excited to find this...appears to be the first generation of the Anheuser bottles...
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    Waco Texas Bottle Show October 13-14, 2017

    Just a reminder that the Waco, Texas bottle show is coming up this weekend (Friday and Saturday). There are only two bottle shows in all of Texas and both exist as the result of the efforts of individuals (no bottle clubs here these days). Jay Kasper started this show last year and although I...
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    Busted Mini-Jug

    I went out digging this past Sunday...weather forecast for Galveston was a low of 82 and a high of 89...hot but doable. I knew it was going to be trouble when I pulled into my digging spot at 06:00 in the morning and my truck thermometer said it was 89. Darned meteorologists! I dug a pretty...
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    Texas Digging

    It's getting real hot here in Texas, but I only make it out once every two weeks so I try my best to keep digging through the summer. Sunday I made it out bright an early and probed a privy right off that sounded great. Sadly, though it was loaded with bottles, they were all junk...slick...

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