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  1. Tandrews

    Milk emulsion bottle

    I have a milk emulsion bottle. But can't seem to find what the 4 on the bottom of the bottle means. Is it maybe a plant # or location?
  2. Tandrews


    All this jar says is Mason. Does anyone know anymore about this? Did Ball make it? Or is it Atlas?
  3. Tandrews

    Economy jar

    Not sure how old this is. It's not really a clear color not sure if it's purple or some other color.
  4. Tandrews

    What type of bottles are these?

    I am not sure what type of bottles these are. They have a very unique opening. No markings on the bottom and they are purple in color
  5. Tandrews

    Ceramic jug

    Where would I go to find more information on this jug? I also have a small crock/butter churn that I would like to know more about.
  6. Tandrews

    Help! Found these and have nonidea what they are

    Hello, I found these in a box with a bunch of clear insulators. Not sure what they are. They seem to be made from ceramic or something other than glass. There are no markings on the solid colored one.
  7. Tandrews

    Kerr self sealing square jar

    I am. Not sure how old this jar is. It has quite a neet look to it. The glass is very weird like it wasn't set right. Can someone tell me what year this is? 40's?
  8. Tandrews

    Is this a juice jar/jug?

    It's not that old but it's neat to see that the Handel dies not touch the glass. Anyone know what this would of had in it?
  9. Tandrews

    Log Cabin Bottle

    This is pretty interesting. Not sure how old it is. Just like what it says and how it looks. Does anyone know anything about log cabin bottles?
  10. Tandrews

    Vase? Or chicken feeder?

    I found this while going through an old cellar. Someone thought it was a chicken Feeder but we could not find the piece it sat on to dispens the feed. I thought it was just a really pretty vase. Can you help?
  11. Tandrews

    Is this a baby bottle?

    Not sure what this is. Just found it today. Thinking it's some sort of baby bottle.
  12. Tandrews

    Found bottles need help

    Hello, I have found several bottles. I would sure like some help identifying the year and maybe the value.
  13. Tandrews

    Found jars

    Hello, I found several jars. I would like help identifying the year and maybe the value if these jars.

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