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    St. Augustine bottle dump sites.

    here are a few from the last couple days. I can't figure out how old the brown bloch bros bottle is.. I have a gold thimble from the 20s... but not this one
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    Downright Archiness

    My family came here from england to farm for spain (land grant) so i get what you are saying about keeping historical artifacts public domain for generations of future residents to admire and learn from. However after seeing what the city does with these priceless artifacts is terrible. My...
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    St. Augustine bottle dump sites.

    This is my first post on this site(new member). I live in St. Augustine, Florida and have been a collector of old things for my whole life, I started with fossils and arrowheads, but in the last year or so started to realize what I that there is so much to find right here in my literal back...
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    Found in 110 feet of water in Lake George, NY

    these "torpedo" style bottles were made with round bottoms in the beginning because the contents were usually carbonated and built up pressure inside of the vessel. there were lots of problems shipping flat bottom bottles because the pressure would blow the bottoms out of the bottles. this...

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