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    What's the best ketchup bottles

    Flaccus Bros. of the fruit jar fame made a ketchup / sauce bottle with their typical stag logo. Shaped like a normal era ketchup. Considered rare. I only know of these as my father n laws dug one about 20 years ago and got about $100 for it then.
  2. K

    New guy with new guy questions

    Well heres my 2c worth, Amethyst glass is clear with impurities in them Maganease to be exact. And with that clearr glass turns purple under sunlight. Since most of the maganease was from Germany WW1 stopped that. Many Desert bottle turn a great deep purple with the sun So the insulator is made...
  3. K

    finding more soda cans and some bottles fall searches

    Hello I have been reading your posts with the cans. I have used Oxalic acid powder to soak beer cans that you cant read anything through the rust. It will at least bring out the color under the rust. Wont make them perfect but will be able to ID them. 1 cup acid in gallon of hot water...
  4. K

    Base script Coca Cola

    And they would not let them stop Saturday delivery to save some money. Now they charge rates on not only the weight, but also the size of the box. The volume it takes up in the truck.
  5. K

    The Kalamazoo Antique Bottle & Glass Show 4-13-2019

    Hello I was getting ready to post this and found it was heres the particulars on the flyer See you there S
  6. K

    Need help finding out how much bottles are worth.

    Hello you guys are missing the boat. If the only reason you got them is for a quick buck. Well 30-50 for the whole lot. BUT some of the value as most know is in following the trail. What was in the bottles? Where are they from? and a history if possible. Items do not have to have much value to...
  7. K

    $5,000 Coca Cola Bottle Currently on eBay

    Hello the more I look and from reading what you guys found out and the sellers confusion, I would not touch it. a fake But I could be wrong. To good to be true and does not fit the MFG dates.
  8. K

    1870's Cunningham Carriages Rochester NY Catalogue

    Hello great pamphlet. Since its old enough for public domain, you could re-print this and sell copies on the net. There are older re=prints of hard to find books and catalogs all over Ebay. You could maybe make some money. The carriage prints would look good blown up for framing. Love the pictures
  9. K

    WTS 100's Of Antique Bottles Going Up For Sale - Need Help With Values And Identification

    Hello From the first box if all are similar you have some money. Contact a good bottle auction one that does on line American bottle auction comes to mind. you can get the value and maybe some of the better of the collection can be sold that way get the best collectors that way .Ebay is great...
  10. K

    Unusual Nehi ACL

    Hello in Michigan I have dug white labels but being dug condition is bad. He has a nice example along with the rare town a plus plus for value nice
  11. K

    3 Rivers* Glass

    Well what does the mark look like cant find them if we dont know what we are looking for thanks
  12. K

    Underwoods Inks bottle found swimming

    I seem to remember reading that this company became the Underwood typewriter Co. May have been to ink a ribbon or two in a business environment very possible. Nice bottle
  13. K

    Starting to get bottle fever slowly but surely.

    Hello nice looking little flask. These were for everything from Whiskey to bluing even some pat. medicines used this type. Would have had a paper label. Just imagine the area you are looking who drank it what was it. Always fun to let your mind wonder a little. Good for the soul. :oGood luck...
  14. K

    The Red Cross Drug Store - Brockville Ont druggist bottle

    Hello I believe the Red Cross to be a trade mark product line like Rexall, Owl Drugs, Wallgreens etc. There were Red Cross drug stores and that was the store brand of what ever was in the bottle. Still a common practice today. As far as the name probably the drug store owner and available on the...
  15. K

    Found this whiskey bottle 50 years ago

    Hello quick Ebay check shows this whiskey popular in the late 1930-40's. So that is probably the era for this I lean to mid 40's. This was a special batch as the normal available were either 86 or 90 proof. This being 100 proof commanded a special bottle. Probably available for retail sale at a...
  16. K

    Old molds for reproduction/art

    Great idea on making molds. Depending on how good you want the end product, will be the mold price. You can go from one whittled from wood which has low life to CNC cast iron. Evan a pile of sand and clay will work if your are adventurous. Also check the different methods of molding and be...
  17. K

    Late 1800's Bottle Info

    If it has manganese (pre WW-1) you could try to purple it up in the sun. Then someone who wants a window bottle probably 5-10$ depending on sunlight may take a few years unless you have a box and light.
  18. K

    Traditionally ID'd as a Stafford Ink Bottle, but......

    Hello if you look on the bottom of the bottle there may be some clues. What co, made the bottle and mold, date numbers. Also no mention of the seam on the bottle. How high on the neck As you indicated If I saw this, no label instant ink. Nice 25-40$ Now with the label that's a new twist if...
  19. K


    Hello this is a notice for the largest show in Michigan. Lots of nice glass with over 90 sales tables. Tables may still be available contact John Pastor. Easy to get to from I-94.

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