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    Hello from Coos Bay Oregon!

    Thanks Robby Bobby!
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    Hello from Coos Bay Oregon!

    I collect Owl Drugs - poisons and most anything embossed pre 1900. I sell the slicks and more common bottles in an antique store space on Hwy 101 in town.
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    Garden path made of broken glass

    Really nice idea and execution.
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    Fantastic McCallums Scot green bottle at garage sale

    Yes I was able to look at it in the direct sunlight and backlit I can see the very faintest lines running up to the top. The trail of glass running down the front from the top made me think it was tooled (I said applied but again used the wrong term) I found mention of early ABM machines having...
  5. H

    Fantastic McCallums Scot green bottle at garage sale

    Wouldn't have pegged it as an ABM but a BIM with a tooled lip - I was excited to see one sell at auction for $375 a few years back. I love small town sales
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    Fantastic McCallums Scot green bottle at garage sale

    Found this gem at a local garbage sale/ garage sale where you get to dig through boxes in sheds and the garage. Found several tooled lipped slicks and early large slick brown blob tops then saw this dusty jewel in a box. Best dollar I've spent in awhile.
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    2 new local hutchs

  8. H

    What is this?

    I agree but maybe a tent stake?
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    Recent finds from the water

    love the Nicodemus!
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    NJ 1948 plate.

    Some of the older plates have nearly as much character as many bottles. They certainly sell well at the antique store where our booth is. Nice plate.
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    Clean JF Cutter Whiskey from thrift store

    I love when I find a really great whiskey at a thrift store. Sitting at the back of the shelf surrounded by cheap vases this guy was just waiting for someone to take him home. Not an overly rare Western whiskey but rare to find one in such good condition.
  12. H

    Russian Caviar bottle?

    Found this one in a thrift today - looks to be hand blown with the pour spout applied after blowing as is the top fin - not the finest example of glass blowing but cool enough I had to buy it. I can't find any image like it after a brief search - I think its a caviar bottle maybe? too small for...
  13. H

    Small whiskey style bottle with a syrup label

    That would keep your mouth clean I guess!:p
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    Small whiskey style bottle with a syrup label

    I guess they really caught the attention of the US gov. with the label. This bottle was found on the South Oregon Coast - I wonder if it was part of the seizure and sale?
  15. H

    Small whiskey style bottle with a syrup label

    Excellent info! My mistake on the lip - thanks for the correction and the link.
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    Native american chief belt buckle.

    beautiful patina on the buckle. I'd guess 40's at the earliest. War Bonnets were mainly worn by native American plains tribes so seeing mountains in the background would lead me to believe it was more of an idea of the Native American vs a specific tribe. As for the Thai auction - I trust their...
  17. H

    2 interesting alcohol bottles

    I've seen a couple of versions of webs and spiders - this is a very nice one! The spider placement in the center on both sides is very desirable.
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    Small whiskey style bottle with a syrup label

    hello all! here's a little bottle I found in a junk shop today - looks like an BIM applied lip? whiskey that may have been used to bottle maple syrup. The label looks to be the same period as the bottle and has a 1906 date on the bottom of the label. Any thoughts? I can't find anything on the...
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    Whiskey bottle used as a syrup bottle early 1900's

    Hello all - found this little gem today at a junk shop - the bottle looks like a standard whiskey but the label- which seems to be age and style appropriate - is for Canadian Maple and Sugar syrup. Small print notes 1906 on the bottom of label. Has anyone seen one like this? looks like a BIM...
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    Real or Repro?

    I sent pics to Bill Lindsey at the historic bottle site and he indicates it is real but Norwegian or Scandinavian made - Lion holding an axe is the country symbol of Norway. he says it dates from the 1840's to 1880's.

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