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    8 oz Orange Crush bottle from Canada

    Was there a response on how to get the book? Thanks, Ray
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    Another new lid! Diamond Glass Company - DGCo - Fruit Jar lid

    Hey Brandon, since I made this post I have seen the jar come up for sale a number of times but well above my price range...hundreds!!! The pair (jar and lid) are beautiful!!!
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    Saskatchewan collector new to this site

    Great local collections guys! Thanks for sharing! Is the Dominion glass bottling bottle related to Dominion Glass that produces fruit jars?
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    Inserts and lids

    Awesome, thanks!!!
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    Inserts and lids

    Thanks. I have RB12 and obviously don’t know how to use it! If I have a lid how do I locate it in the RB and figure out what jar it belongs to?
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    Inserts and lids

    I’m trying to organize as well as find out what a number of my lids belong to. Any suggestions on safe, accessible storage ideas and useful reference/guide for finding out what lid goes with what jar?
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    Finding treasure at a traffic light!

    That’s a scene right out of “Fruit Jar - The Movie”!!! amazing story, thanks for sharing!!!
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    Rare color insulator?

    Thanks for the insight BillinMo! Hopefully we can all go out to a large insulator/bottle/jar show soon stay healthy!!!
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    Rare color insulator?

    Thanks! I don’t have a lot of insulators or know much about them but do pick up ones that look old and interesting!
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    Rare color insulator?

    Hi there, I just picked up this swirly/smoky diamond/dominion glass insulator. I was wondering if it is a rare variation. I placed it beside an aqua version for comparison. Thanks, Ray
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    Is this a fruit jar?

    Here are some of the jars I had that resemble yours. The glass lid used to have cork around it and fit snugly in the top of the jar.
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    Found a ghosted upside down keystone hero today.

    I'm heading to Orlando in about a month. Are there some good markets for me to check out and go jar hunting Coreya?
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    New jars from todays adventure

    Thanks for sharing! Lots of assortment! Some decent prices too.
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    Found a ghosted upside down keystone hero today.

    I don't know what the RB price is but that's an oldie and I would pick it up for $29! I don't see many of those where I'm from! I'd probably have to pay more just to have that jar shipped to me ;)
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    Is this a fruit jar?

    I have a number of jars like this and they had a glass top with cork on the inside on them. I was told by someone I purchased one from that they were display jars at stores. One of mine was full of Cinnamon.
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    Sydenham Glass Co. ( Wallaceburg, Ontario ) Two Coloured - Book Flask

    Bet they’d love to have that in the Wallaceberg museum! Great piece!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    full Pint flask

    So manganese is the culprit for my pink glass! Thanks epackage!
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    Insulator with extra large base and an embossed rectangle - maker and date info?

    Thanks for the info! Do you have any recommendations for an insulator guide book? I collect fruit jars so the Redbook is what I use as my main resource. Thanks! Ray

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