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    Help dating an amber flask

    Leon, I just found a 6" flask identical to the last pic in your post . So, you are saying these date from the 1880s then?
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    Date this Paper Label Pepsi?

    Yeah that's what I'm thinking, it does have the 40-ish label. Where's Soda Bob when we need him, lol?
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    Date this Paper Label Pepsi?

    Picked this almost full Pepsi up at an estate sale recently. I know that "N" in a square is Obear-Nester Glass Co. but can anyone give me a date? couldn't find anything at the usual bottlemarks sites.
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    Art Deco Superlative

    You certainly have an eye for cool bottles. And SO clean they glow!
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    Got three of those Hutches, 2 have the stoppers still

    Cool! Wonder how an Indiana bottle got all the way to Md.?
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    New bottle finds, what can you tell me

    Lots of Pepsi collectors out there. Many are former Coke collectors who got bored with Coke.
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    ~~~ 1850's... Soda ~~~

    Even the STRONG embossing is exceptional!
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    OK. Just a few more from the same dump.

    Man that beautiful Cobalt blue is something else!
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    Searching an old gas station/country store and its privy.

    Don't forget the old deco soda bottles from that area too. Especially at a gas station.
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    end of the line for Tab

    I remember that Tab tasted pretty bad.
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    Found this on a hike today. It’s the oldest bottle I’ve ever found but I’m trying narrow down a date range

    Around 2005 I found a rare local hutch bottle just laying on the surface behind where an old house once stood. It was gone but some old outbuildings still stood. I still can't believe it happened and though I've probed the place to death I never found anything else like it.
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    1984 Florida gators ACL Coke bottle

    They ARE cool, but the only drawback with full bottles is...the weight. Need strong shelves.
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    Another fantastic Crush find!

    Yes that carton is the real prize. It looks about mint.
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    I found this bottle in my yard

    Check Goodwills and garage sales. Also used mdse. stores.
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    Killer day finding hospital bottles and much more!

    We always used Oxalic Acid/water mix. Oxalic acid is essentially wood bleach. You do have to keep an eye on them while soaking as to not over-do it.
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    How old is this bottle please

    Well, in MY experience of using my 3-part Drano/Lye/Water MIX (note:MIX), since forever I've never had anything like that happen. Besides, the bottle is left open, so there is NO compression to begin with. Heck, I keep my mix in a glass jug and that has a plastic cap. No problems, ever, ever.
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    How old is this bottle please

    But very nasty. The fumes alone corrode any shiny metal in the area very quickly. I accidently left a bottle in a container of it in my garage open and within a day it ruined most chrome in my garage including the exhaust tips on my car. Imagine what it can do to skin/lungs if an accident...
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    How old is this bottle please

    Muriatic is nasty and not very effective. Pour a mix of draino/lye/water inside for a day and it'll rinse out clean. Then save the mix because, though it'll look dirty, it can be used over and over.

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