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    Rare color insulator?

    Hi there, I just picked up this swirly/smoky diamond/dominion glass insulator. I was wondering if it is a rare variation. I placed it beside an aqua version for comparison. Thanks, Ray
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    Insulator with extra large base and an embossed rectangle - maker and date info?

    Hi there, I just picked up an aqua coloured Insulator with an extra large base and an embossed rectangle - any maker, date and additional info would be much appreciated! Thanks, Ray
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    Hiram Walker - Baronial Whisky flask

    Hi there, I picked this flask up at a local flea market today. I tried to find more info on this particular whisky and was wondering if anyone here had more info and could date this for me. Thanks! Ray
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    Zero, Arctic and Pelissier WINNIPEG, MB bottles

    Hi there, I just picked up some WINNIPEG bottles that I’ve been trying to find for awhile.
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    full Pint flask

    Hi there, I have a friend that just picked up this bottle. It’s turned a nice purple hue. It has what looks like a slug plate with full pint embossed on it. It also has a relatively sloppy applied lip. Any historical info on this bottle would be much appreciated. .
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    Queen jar with misspelled word...value?

    Hi there, I was thinking about picking up a Queen Jar with the word Widemouth misspelled. It is spelled “Widemuth”. Would anyone know what the value of this jar should be? I’m thinking it is a $5 to $10 Jar but I think the seller will want much more. Any input appreciated. .
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    Can you clean and Preserve Wooden Pop Crates?

    I recently picked up a number of dirty and worn pop crates. I was wondering if there was a way to clean them without wearing the graphics away any further and also preserving them better for the future? Here's a couple of pic's. Can someone also tell me how to rotate pic's to post properly :)
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    Selection of Canadian Fruit Jars (No Crowns or Improved Gems)

    Just for fun I went outside and took a few pic's of some of my Canadian Fruit jars (no Crown or Improved Gem jars of which I have LOTS of!!!). I Should have included some Mid West jars...next time :) Sorry they are upside down...not sure how to upload properly :)
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    Jewel Jar Embossed within a double bordered frame

    Hi all, I picked up this Jewel Jar which from a little research I believe is circa 1920. That’s about all I could find other than a similar jar that sold on Greg Spurgeon’s auction site which sold in the $300 range. My jar is a quart size one and was wondering if anyone has more info on it...
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    Another new lid! Diamond Glass Company - DGCo - Fruit Jar lid

    This might be the only picture of this lid on the web! I can't find it anywhere. Just the jars. This lid is for the Diamond Glass Company: More info. on this company from Historical Canadian Glass Plus https://www.historical-canadian-glass-plus.com/dgco-jars DGCo JARS There can be no...
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    Gorgeous Crown Lids made by the North American Glass Company

    Hi everyone, I just picked up a load of mason jar lids and there are a number of beauties! I'll start with a couple of gorgeous Crown Lids made by the North American Glass Company North American Glass Co., Montreal, Quebec (1890-1902) and a peach colored lid which I do not know what jar...
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    Peoples Cooperative Limited Milk Bottle - Rare?

    Hi there, I just picked up a "Peoples Cooperative Limited" Milk Bottle. From the base embossing (Diamond D with a D to the left, 0 (zero) to the right and a 6 at the bottom of the Diamond D). See pic. I believe this was made in July/Aug 1940 or 1950 source...
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    Crown Mason Jar pre-1928 - 3 dots on base meaning?

    Hi there, I just picked up a Crown Mason Jar pre- 1928 (before they started embossing "Made in Canada" on the jars). I have several of Crown jars in my collection but have never seen a base embossed with only 3 dots in a triangle formation. Most have a Dominion Glass (Diamond D) makers mark...
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    Brewery Products Limited - some pic's and brief history

    Hi there, I picked up a beer bottle the other day which had "This Bottle Belonging to Brewery Products Limited May Not Be Sold" embossed near the bottom of the bottle and also had a BP Ltd and a diamond D embossed on its base. I could not find anything regarding Brewery Products Limited when I...
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    Barnyard find!

    Hi there, I just picked up a couple of barnyard boxes filled with old bottles. A few still have caps or corks sealing them. Other than some vintage beer and pop bottles I have never purchased "other" bottles before and the fun is just beginning! Here are the first 3 of 30+ bottles from the two...
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    Cap rusted on bottle - clean or not clean?

    Hi there, I just picked up a couple of barnyard boxes filled with old bottles. A few still have caps or corks sealing them. The outside of the bottles are great but the inside are a mess. Should I uncap/uncork these bottles to clean the insides? One in particular, a Scott’s Emulsion COD...
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    "A History of Carbonated Beverages in Winnipeg" by R.E. Stock

    A History of Carbonated Beverages in Winnipeg Hi there, I was wondering if anyone knows how I can get a copy of this book. I purchased a number of bottles at a local flea market. They were all Manitoba related bottles and I am having trouble finding detailed history or information on...

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