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  1. Screwtop

    Poisons with original contents

    Yesterday I went to an antique shop and found these two poisons for a few dollars a piece. Honestly I saw the word poison, saw the low price and didn't even think about what was inside. This is a Canadian Tincture of Iodine poison from the 40s or 50s (?). The label is in poor shape, but...
  2. Screwtop


    I am looking to buy some "beginner" poison bottles, nothing crazy. :) I don't want any Sharpe and Dohme bottles, unless they are labeled. What I'd LOVE to have, is one of those amber Tinct. of Iodine bottles with the skull and crossbones. Any amber, cobalt blue or green poison bottle will do...
  3. Screwtop

    My first poison!

    I found this 1oz. ribbed bottle last week in a farmhouse dump in Pennsylvania. (You'll see more of my finds scattered elsewhere in the next few days or so) I was mostly finding small, unenbossed medicine bottles, but then this fell out of a shovel full of dirt I was tossing aside and took me by...
  4. Screwtop

    Lots of bottles for sale!

    I need to off-load a lot of my bottles, so here are several that I want to sell. Either pick out which bottle you like and I could offer up a price, or you could offer up a price for it. I accept checks and paypal, or military collectibles as payment. More bottle coming soon.
  5. Screwtop

    North Carolina bottles

    Went to one of my favorite antique shop yesterday, and pulled these off the shelf... Charlotte NC SS Coke Hicks Capudine for Headaches, small version. Hicks Capudine was a North Carolina based company.
  6. Screwtop

    Pickles and soda

    Here's some new additions I got yesterday for $12. The Cathedral Pickle is really nice, but somehow already got commissioned as a flower vase. I'm not to sure about the Lima bottle, but it was a nice 1920s slug plate, and who can leave it behind??? The Bennet bottle is obviously the best. I...
  7. Screwtop

    Sun Tang

    A friend of the family found this Sun Tang bottle in West Kentucky recently. My guess is it is from Louisville, since they had a plant that way. Sun tang was/is an extremely popular beverage in Texas, out rivaling Coca Cola in popularity. I think it's called Big Red now.
  8. Screwtop

    First Lesson - Hoods Sarsaparilla

    This is the third advertisement in my collection now. Picked it up at a local antique shop for $3. The shop is closing down, due to a greedy landlord who wants more money. Note the testimonials... think they were paid for? :)
  9. Screwtop

    Horsfords Acid Phosphate advertising booklet

    At $2, this was a steal. Very good condition, and an interesting ad from the around the year 1890.
  10. Screwtop

    CJ Mason Jar, and ginger beer

    I went to get my drivers permit today, and passed the test... but the computer system was down, so I wasn't able to get the actual permit todday. However, I did make these nice purchases, along with a Rumford Chem. Advertisement, which will be posted later. Original price tag on it was $75...
  11. Screwtop

    Western bottles

    I got some bottles from the Olde West, and some nice ones at that. Here is a nice Aronsons Whiskey flask, from Seattle Washington. This one has been left in the sun for a while, due to the purple coloring. Not irradiated at all. I am not able to find much on this, other than Aronson was a...
  12. Screwtop

    Bromo Caffeine according to an 1886 medical journal.

    https://books.google.com/books?id=MBsCAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA18&lpg=PA18&dq=Bromo+Caffeine&source=bl&ots=WQFcJmEyyW&sig=ACfU3U3ES0ELtqa1_PyVtZQahSMwrmSFhg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiit4_LuZjnAhVnB50JHbInCBs4ChDoATAFegQICRAB#v=onepage&q=Bromo%20Caffeine&f=false Remember when I dug this last year? This is...
  13. Screwtop

    1898 Bromo Seltzer poisonings

    https://www.readex.com/readex-report/headache-killing-me-bromo-seltzer-poisonings-1898 This is a cool story about a the 1898 poison by mail scare
  14. Screwtop

    TB and silverware you find in dumps

    Ever wonder why we sometimes find sterling silver spoons, or similar utensils in trash pits and dumps? A good theory is the Tuberculosis epidemic of the late 19th century, early 20th. People were so scared of TB, they just threw everything out belonging to the person who was infected. Houses...
  15. Screwtop

    Highlighted embossing makes for easy reading

    Some bottle purists might cringe, but I personally makes them stand out better, and is therefore more enjoyable to view. I won't do this to all of my bottles, but for those amber SS Cokes, it's a big improvement. I used an artists paint marker, witch comes off with nail polish remover easily.
  16. Screwtop

    Coal region blob top - F. Krapp

    Here is a really nice pony or squat blob top from Ashland PA, from the Schuylkill county coal region. I practically spent 1/4 of my life up in Ashland. In the past two recent years, I've been finding excellent spots for glass that I have to check out. Ashland holds a special place in my heart...
  17. Screwtop

    Wanna trade?

    I have some bottles that I would like to trade for something else. Something fresh. I have a few, I'm willing to give up. Coca Cola / Bottling Works / Butler PA Engel Bottling Works / Cincinnati Ohio Crystal / Bottling Works / Lexington Kentucky Wagner and sons Products (prohibition beer)...
  18. Screwtop

    Ultra rare Coke for sale

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/174150484755 Ends in 7 days.
  19. Screwtop

    The best place for Warner's Safe Cure info

    https://warnerssafeblog.wordpress.com/ I found this site, and thought it to be quite impressive. It makes me proud to own one of these.
  20. Screwtop

    Counterfeit black glass mineral water

    This is a counterfeit of the famous Huyandi Janos mineral water bottles, from Hungary. The base says "Keseru viz forras kocs" which I translated to Bitter Water source Quercus. Quercus means Oak in Latin. I'm not an expert on this whatsoever, so any help would be appreciated. It was found in...

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