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  1. RelicRaker

    BIM mucilage & inkwell

    Dodged the storms to rescue a few items from a late 1880s site. No embossing.
  2. RelicRaker

    Sperm Sewing Machine Oil

    It's been slow this year but happened upon this little whale oil and it cleaned up nice.
  3. RelicRaker

    My Only Open Pontil Is a Slick

    Was culling my slicks and somehow overlooked the base on this one. I dig almost solely 1875 and later stuff, so I never expect to see an open pomtil. Gues this one's a keeper now. lol
  4. RelicRaker

    Can You ID this Lid's Maker?

    Found this fruit jar lid today. It has the following 3 patent dates: PATD JAN 5.75 • REISD JUNE 5.77 • PATD APR 25.82 Any thoughts on brand or maker welcome! Thx
  5. RelicRaker

    Some Philly Pharmacies

    So rare to get good sun this winter, thought I'd create a labeled image of my dug pharmacies. Can post pics of individual bottles on request.
  6. RelicRaker

    Slicks Too Pretty to Toss

    I don't have the space to store a lot of unembossed bottles, but there are a few types I've chosen to keep. Strapside flasks Black glass Inks
  7. RelicRaker

    1930s Newsreel: Glass Hat for Women

    Short newsreel clip here—made me laugh. Enjoy.
  8. RelicRaker

    Are These Inks or Something Else?

    I find these house-shaped smalls often enough that I've gotta ask—what are they? I've been displaying them with my inks because they're about the same size and seem to come in clear, aqua, and amber—but any info is welcome.
  9. RelicRaker

    Signs of Life

    Exploring a new 1880s–90s site, I turned up a few surface finds. it seems worth a revisit. If I have any luck, I'll post my finds on this thread. Bennington doorknob, harmonica reed, 10¢ perfume. Nace's Perfumes (520 Arch St., Philadelphia)
  10. RelicRaker

    Super-Size Stoneware Pharmacy?

    Hey guys. I got out before the snow today and dug this large glazed stoneware "beer" stamped: Llewellyn / 1410 Chestnut St. Llewellyn was not a brewer but rather a large and well-established pharmacy at that location from the 1860s until the 1910s. What would a pharmacy have sold in a large...
  11. RelicRaker

    More Philly bottles

    Dug thse today... L: GILLEN & CO. / Philada / pony beer / c. 1880 R: S. GROSSMAN / Philada / Registered / 8 fluid ounces / ginger ale / 1912–16 BIM w/hand-tooled crown
  12. RelicRaker

    X. Bazin "Pomatum" Beef Marrow lid

    Found this item while walking lots. X. Bazin, Phila / Beef Marrow Pomade
  13. RelicRaker

    Walking lots

    A few finds from walking lots today. The blob is a Moroney & Connor, Phila. The Bromo mini is BIM. Hope you guys are finding cool stuff.
  14. RelicRaker

    J.S. Serwazi, Philly blob

    Checked out a big dig and turned up this Joseph Serwazi beer. Football style slug. Front embossed: Return to Jos. Serwazi / Manayunk PA / J.S. / Reverse: This Bottle Not To Be Sold Base is embossed: "Putnam" Guessing this is c. 1885-90. Any info welcome
  15. RelicRaker

    Gritty City Creek & Sifter Finds

    Got a sifter for Xmas, so thought I'd post some of my creek finds in this thread. Here's the best of today's haul: L2R: Woodbury milk glass cosmetic jar (1930s–40s) Hutter style stopper marked HHK (1890–1915?) Coffee cup fragment marked PRR (age unkn.) Sparkplug (1920s?) Anyone recognize...
  16. RelicRaker

    S.P. Newsham Pharmacist, Phila

    Another weekend find is this embossed local pharmacy. S.P. Newsham / Pharmacist / 5th & Morris Sts./ Philadelphia
  17. RelicRaker

    Richmond Bottling Co., Philly Mug-base Hutch

    Holiday dig turned up 2 cool finds... Richmond Bottling Co. / Philadelphia front: reverse: base:
  18. RelicRaker

    Another Philly Hutch

    Must be my week for Hutches. Was walking lots this morning and dug a faintly embossed "P. Carr / Philada" (base blank).
  19. RelicRaker

    Mug-based Hutch Found!

    I rarely dig intact Hutches, so this was a surprise. Embossed "Paul Drzymalla" with a Philadelphia address. "PD" embossed on the base and reverse. Lsted as 1906–1913 but no other info. Any thoughts on scarcity or value apprciated.
  20. RelicRaker

    WW1 Veteran Grave Medallion

    With Armistice Day upcoming, next week, this seemed weirdly on-point. My gritty city creek gave up this WW1 veteran's grave medallion. It's damaged by wear but the "US" at center is readable, and you can see some of the text, which reads, "World War 1 / 1917–1918." The closest cemetery with...

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