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  1. J

    Real flask?

    http://cgi.ebay.com/Masonic-Arch-Eagle-GIV-I_W0QQitemZ160238045524QQihZ006QQcategoryZ891QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Is this one real?
  2. J

    Looking for pontiled meds and hairs for $20 or less

    I am looking for cheap or common pontiled meds and hair bottles. I am currently trying to add pontiled medicine and hair bottles to my collection. I know some of you guys have some that you would not mind getting rid of for a decent price. I don't really want to pay more than $20. I will pay...
  3. J

    I went to an antique show...

    Nice Cornucopia flask!!!
  4. J

    Is this one real?

    Is this one real? Looks like it has an open pontil.
  5. J

    Any difference in age, value, or rarity?

    One has Poison embossed on one side the other has poison embossed on both sides.
  6. J

    What should I use?

    It would cost more to get this bottle tumbled than it is worth but, what you suggest to use for cleaning it? It is not the inside that needs to cleaned but the outside. It looks black in the picture but if you hold it up in the light it is olive green. Any suggestions?
  7. J


    If a bottle is irradiated is the color fake or did it change that way over time?
  8. J

    How do you split the finds?

    The way I do it with my digging partner is whoever is the one that digs that bottle gets to keep it. Is that how you guys decide who keeps what? Or do you split the finds equally no matter who digs it. What if you dig a great bottle then what do you do? If you sell a bottle that was dug to...
  9. J


    I came back to a spot where I had dug up a nice Pepsi. Slim Pickins but better than nothing. Two pepsi's. The only reason I kept the unembossed med is beacuse the top is different. One kind of top is it. The other two are local crown tops. Digging up the bowl was fun.
  10. J

    Pepsi bottle

    Can anyone tell me the date of a pepsi bottle that is Embossed like this PEPSI:Cola PEPSI:Cola I dug a couple up the other day. Sorry no pics camera is out of batteries.
  11. J

    Seven new blobs

    Here is seven new blobs that have been bought or dug over the past few months.
  12. J

    Best Shard

    What is the best shard you have dug?
  13. J


    Are these mounation dews any good or are they trash? I foung them in the woods.
  14. J

    Small bottle dumps?

    Is it common to find small bottle dumps? I found a bottle dump that I am 100% sure had never been dug before. I only found five keepers. It was only about one and a half foot deep. And about 4 feet wide. I stopped hitting glass at about one foot deep. Should I dig deeper. I can get a...
  15. J

    Pepsi bottle.

    Here is a pepsi-cola bottle I dug. From Durham N.C. It is my best post-1900 soda bottle. I looked it up and it was in the "Bottle Bible". It was listed at $105. I was very suprised. Show us your best dug pepsi-cola or coca-cola bottle.
  16. J

    Jones Bottling Works.

    Is anyone familar with Jones Bottling Works? I dug one up today.
  17. J

    Good price?

    I came across this bottle at an antique store. It was listed for 45 dollars. I have not bought it yet but should I?
  18. J

    What is this?

    What is this bottle. What was in it. There is nothing embossed on it. The seam stops around the half way point on the neck. So I assuming that is in the 1800's.
  19. J

    Best bottle dug?

    What is the best bottle you have ever dug?
  20. J


    I went to the local history museum the other day. While I was there, there was a room that had nothing but bottles. I saw some old medicines, flasks, sodas. All kinds of bottles. My camera was out of batteries though. I was wondering how they got all of those bottles? There thousands and...

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