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  1. MCglass

    I’m speechless

    Some one made a $99 bid for this one.
  2. MCglass

    No one in the world has this bottle apparently

    There’s some out there. There’s a newer one also, dated 1961. From Martinsville, PA. Love to see the bottom, too.
  3. MCglass

    1930's Dr. Pepper help

    Most are debossed, meaning, the name is molded below the surface of the glass. There are embossed versions, where the name is on top of the glass surface, but I’ve never seen one up close. As for empty or full, I always empty them and save the cap, especially if they’re skunky inside. I wouldn’t...
  4. MCglass

    Royal Crown Beverages Bottle

    I kind of think that this is a newer bottle. 1950+. Just because it’s stippled on the body. I don’t think they worked them that way early on. I’d like to see if if the bottom is also stippled or smooth. If so, that would help verify it’s not a pre-ACL bottle.
  5. MCglass

    Five for Friday!

    Do you have the one with the misspelled “REFRESHIHG” on the back? #1 style
  6. MCglass

    Faygo Flee Mkt find!

    That’s awesome! The bottles and carrier are from the same era, and extra dry Ginger Ale is For mixing. Looks legit to me.
  7. MCglass

    I’m speechless

    One of the grails out there, “restored”. Might get a little more for it if he cleans the overspray off the bottom...
  8. MCglass

    Yoo Hoo bottle carriers

    I have a few older ACL Yoo Hoo bottles and I'd like to have a carrier for them. The only one I've ever seen is a newer style, and it's one with miniature bottles. Anyone seen one?
  9. MCglass

    Mission Beverages 6 oz bottle in green

    Similar to the Charge UP, Charge ER bottles. My list doesn't show it. Nice score!
  10. MCglass

    BOB DEVER aka GILLIGAN from the old sitcom GILLIGAN'S ISLAND

    Old Bob, he was just the host. Looked like he just sat on the couch and led them in and out of commercials.
  11. MCglass

    Fantasy ALC on 1968 32 oz Coca Cola Bottle

    I doubt the artwork is an ACL. More like a painted section, which was outlined before it was fully dry and colored later with a felt tip pen it looks like.
  12. MCglass

    Value anyone? Can't pinpoint.

    The one here has things going for it, It's a double dot label, and it says Two Full Glasses. Decent location. It's not in great shape, but people will want it, I predict.
  13. MCglass

    Can any one identify this

    Cooling refreshing satisfying is the tag line for Lime Cola. Your bottle looks like a 1940s bottle. On LGW bottles, the date is one number before and one after the LGW mark. I can see a "4" on yours. If the second digit is a five, = 1945
  14. MCglass

    Wire bail and porcelain stoppers on crown-top bottles (?)

    I have one quart slugplate Feigenson with a bail top I've often wondered about. I has the age, and there are no scrape or twist marks in the patina on the wires. It could have been/probably was added by a consumer afterward who wanted to use the bottle over and over. But looking closer, I...
  15. MCglass

    2 Faygo Feigenson Bros. Hutches Displayed in Front of FAYGO

    Those are beautiful, Leon. I wonder sometimes if the Faygo people would have any interest in their old bottles, for display or photographing? Or if they have a museum themselves. They started out as bakers, and made their first flavors out of their cake icing recipes. I’m sure you knew that, Leon
  16. MCglass

    Triple diamond RC Cola logo

    I recently came across a bottle carrier with a modern logo, the red diamond shape with the RC crown that has three diamonds across the top. I tried to pin down when this logo was used and there isn't a lot of info on it out there. I did find a picture of a "First Run" bottle dated 1960. Does...
  17. MCglass

    oldest acl yoo hoo

    I have this one from 1941. Earliest Yoo Hoo ACL I have is mid ‘50s.
  18. MCglass

    1950’s Soda

    Circus Bev from Mt. Clemens, MI. Local to me. Thinking of offering it?

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