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  1. Dewfus

    Family friend gave me some bottles

    Nothing exciting my first Dr pepper bottle though First is a pretty big slick med don't have this size In my collection. 2nd we have what I'm guessing is a large bottle of diamond ink,not sure the age. 3rd.is my.first.Dr.pepper
  2. Dewfus

    Good quick mourning dig!!!

    It is 1920 a guy I know bought one.like it with a paper label
  3. Dewfus

    While digging the banks of the river i unearthed this amd decided id paint it to display i love it

    Lol ty its not the greatest paint job but its hard to paint rust clumps lol good peace for my museum
  4. Dewfus

    Need help identifying

    The last 3/that are the same are ketchups from the 20s I'd say maybe little earlier no real value but if your like me if I like them I keep them. Happy hunting
  5. Dewfus

    Need help identifying

    Not not sure of the forth one n but
  6. Dewfus

    Need help identifying

    there all condements of some kind most are older ketchups the one that looks like a jelly jar was most likely dryed beef
  7. Dewfus

    My cobalt collection something about this BLUE i just cant not get excited when i dig some blue lol!!!!

    Just made made my day thank you!! Just knowing I possibly made a new digger out of you warms the heart truely . we need more history savers to help keep the history ali I ve been lucky one of the spots I go to has had a lot of blue glass there so fun to finds
  8. Dewfus

    My cobalt collection something about this BLUE i just cant not get excited when i dig some blue lol!!!!

    Ty bwey much and Thank you very much and thanks for the kind words.
  9. Dewfus

    Is this old lol cant be ?....

    Lol I figured my g ma thought I'd like to display it in my shed ..and of course I did lol
  10. Dewfus

    Is this old lol cant be ?....

  11. Dewfus

    Good quick mourning dig!!!

    Ty its the first one ive found like it
  12. Dewfus

    Good quick mourning dig!!!

  13. Dewfus

    River walk #5

    forgot one
  14. Dewfus

    Fruit Industries Ltd.

    Nice !!!!
  15. Dewfus

    YouTube digging channels

    I watch southeast Ohio digger as well !!!! And I'm an active glass and ask member of Adventure Archeology for a year now,l.he's so down to earth and always replies to my emails . I won the bromo seltzer shot glass a few months ago!
  16. Dewfus

    River walk #5

    Not a hoard but not too bad for a 25 min lunch break river walk!!! Enjoy Never Seen a been bottle this shape kinda cool have several terre haute bottles but none like this stoked

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