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  1. MCglass

    I’m speechless

    One of the grails out there, “restored”. Might get a little more for it if he cleans the overspray off the bottom...
  2. MCglass

    Yoo Hoo bottle carriers

    I have a few older ACL Yoo Hoo bottles and I'd like to have a carrier for them. The only one I've ever seen is a newer style, and it's one with miniature bottles. Anyone seen one?
  3. MCglass

    Triple diamond RC Cola logo

    I recently came across a bottle carrier with a modern logo, the red diamond shape with the RC crown that has three diamonds across the top. I tried to pin down when this logo was used and there isn't a lot of info on it out there. I did find a picture of a "First Run" bottle dated 1960. Does...
  4. MCglass

    Faygo "Ghost sign" recreated at Faygo plant

    Faygo has been a staple of the Detroit pop market for over a hundred years. You may recall, about 2012, a building burned and was knocked down revealing a 1940's sign painted on the building next door. It caused a bit of a stir in nostalgic circles, and it was featured on the cover of Soda...
  5. MCglass

    Has anyone seen this little guy before?

    I spotted this one and bought it because it had a prioff top. It’s 4 1/2 or 5oz, machine made. I think it had a paper label. But what was in it? The only mark is a tall, narrow diamond with a dot in it, and a 4 beneath. Help!
  6. MCglass

    Dr. Mutch's Root Beer ACL

    Sold for $461 on eBay today! I entertained the idea that I might be a player on this one, but not for this kind of bread. It's in really nice shape too. 1957
  7. MCglass

    Feigenson Bros slug plates

    I just picked up this 24oz. Feigenson Brothers bottle. That was the name of Faygo in Detroit before they changed in 1920 or so. I haven't seen a lot of these big slug plate bottles, let alone a local gem like this. Leon, have you seen many of these big boys? I think you had a Hutchinson...
  8. MCglass

    "Nez" - Nesbitt Bottling Co.

    I ran across this 7oz embossed Nez bottle from Saginaw, MI and couldn't pass it up. 1941 with an N in a square manufacturer mark. It's in great shape and I can't say I've seen one before. Does anyone know anything on the N in a square mark?
  9. MCglass

    Sparkling Pepsol - embossed

    I came across this nice 6oz. Pepsol bottle today and bought it. I thought it was a company Pepsi may have sued out of existence, but doing some research, it looks like it is/was a Pepsico company.Other threads in the forum all show ACL bottles from Nashville, but this one is a "pinch" style...
  10. MCglass

    Grave diggin?

    I'm curious if any of you boys have ever started a dig, and come to realize that your in a grave instead of a privy. And if you'd even want to mention it if you did.
  11. MCglass

    Dr Nut gamble

    Rolled the dice on a Dr Nut bottle. It looked like it had been buried in a creek for a while. It even had some caked dirt that felt hard as cement, but I was able to remove it scraping with my thumbnail. Used Barkeepers on the label with my thumb too. The glass has bunch of flea-bites but I'm...
  12. MCglass

    Iconic soft drinks of every state

    I ran across this article and was surprised by some I hadn't heard of.They got my state right, but the rest of you are on your own -Iconic soft drinks of every state
  13. MCglass

    Wm Painter 1894 pat. bottle opener

    Recently I caught a glimpse of a "Painter" 1894 opener on Ebay in a group of openers that the price had been reduced. I pounced. I'd wanted one for a long time but the only other one I've ever seen belongs to SODAPOPBOB. Bob discussed his opener in the "First crown top bottle" thread and said...
  14. MCglass

    1939 Virginia Dare quart

    Spotted this one at an antique mall down on a bottom shelf. I don't usually go for quart size, but this one is so clean, and the date is 1939. I do go for the older ACLs. The heel is embossed with General Beverage Co. and Detroit, Mich on the other side.I haven't been able to find anything about...
  15. MCglass

    Cook's Quality Beverages

    I picked this ACL up and can't find anything out about it. Cook's Quality Beverages -7oz, from Poteau, OK. The bottle says L-G on the heel, and only 45 on the bottom. Looks like it rolled down Mt. Everest. Love the back ACL:"Taste sensation with the dash and pep of an Indian war dance".
  16. MCglass

    gono.com down again

    It's been about a month now. Did the boys at Nostalgiaville retire?I'm missing the bottle resources big time. [>:]
  17. MCglass

    What is this one?

    I picked up a small crown top bottle today. It's the clear one next to this 4 oz. Salutaris. Looks like 3 oz and has a man with glasses and a ball cap embossed on the bottom, with a number 5. I thought the tag said Cow something, the girl who rang it up put Coke on the receipt. Any ideas?
  18. MCglass

    Bottle cabinet(s)

    I have a large wood/glass display cabinet but as my collection has grown, I had to start moving bottles in behind others and jamming them all together. I looked into a corner cabinet on Craig's List and saw some possibilities, but they can still be expensive, and hard to get home. Then I saw...
  19. MCglass

    Am I nuts?

    I popped by one of my ACL sources and I saw this Mission Charge Up green bottle from WI. It's minty, especially for a 1949 bottle. Even the bottom looks like it sat on wood its whole life. I like the pre-'60 bottles, though not necessarily a fan of Mission, plain-Jane ACLs. This guy wanted $15...

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