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  1. RCO

    Fanta flat top cans - Orange and Grape

    I found these the other day , pretty glad at the time that I had found them as I had never found any early flat top Fanta cans from 60's before and these 2 still have a lot of colour and 2 different flavours orange and grape these cans say " riddle on inside bottom of can " on top and product...
  2. RCO

    steel Sprite can from the 60's

    found is sprite can the other day ( also found a couple others but this one had most colour on 1 side ) , don't recall finding this version/design before . at least not one with colour . it was used sometime in the mid to late 60's , this can is the pull top version " sprite " is an odd...
  3. RCO

    Diamond beer can by Formosa Springs Brewery

    found this in the woods yesterday , was 4 or 5 others nearby but none is especially good condition , this one has the most colour left so I attempted to clean it a bit not that familiar with steel beer cans but have heard of the Formosa springs brewery before , it closed a couple years ago but...
  4. RCO

    David Bowie painting found at thrift store for $5

    Valuable David Bowie painting bought for $5 in South River donated goods shop 'The consignor of the painting was astonished upon viewing a label which read 'David Bowie' and realizing it was the signature of the artist inscribed on the reverse' about 18 hours ago By...
  5. RCO

    Fanta - Root Beer steel cans

    I found this Fanta Root Beer can a couple of weeks ago , it was in the woods off a small roadway . it still has a lot of its original colour , think this can is from the 70's era . most of the Fanta cans I find are for orange or grape not many root beer , also found cream soda and ginger ale ...
  6. RCO

    Clear glass polygon 12 sided jar

    found this in a small dump which appeared to be from 20's or 30's . its obviously a 12 sided /polygon glass jar . guess i just wondered if anyone knew what it was originally used for ? if there was a specific product or company which used this specific jar . its not one I can recall finding...
  7. RCO

    clear Coca Cola straight side found in woods

    on the weekend I finally found one of those clear coca cola company Canada straight sides from the 1900's , had found a couple swimming before but all were broken/damaged bottles . I was exploring a small hillside near a busy park , had never been thru it before as no one ever goes in it but...
  8. RCO

    large amount of old newspapers discovered in old house

    Collection of old wartime newspapers looking for a new home Discovered in the pile, a story about heroic North Bay nuns who saved 24 nurses from a fire at St. Joseph's General Hospital With newspapers screaming headlines like "BERLIN SPREADS DEFEAT ALARM" and "ROMMEL'S ARMY BUSTED," history...
  9. RCO

    older metal mininature teapot found in woods

    found this on the weekend in the woods at a spot I had been checking out for bottles . there used to be a small hotel nearby that operated from 1880's till it burnt down in the 1930's so perhaps it came from there I don't collect tea pots so I don't know much about this item , its very small I...
  10. RCO

    H.L Atkins - Truro Nova Scotia druggist bottle

    this is the bottle I found on facebook marketplace from the lady in North Bay Ontario and strangely afterwords my account is now disabled . so may be my first and last purchase off that site . also the first embosed druggist bottle I've found in over a year , with no bottle shows and covid just...
  11. RCO

    my account on facebook marketplace is now disabled

    I'm left totally confused by this one , I went to check facebook marketplace to see if anything new had been posted and my account is now disabled and I cannot log in or view the site . it appears to have been disabled on Monday which is odd cause on Monday I bought a bottle from a lady up...
  12. RCO

    steel Mountain Dew can from 70's

    found this yesterday near that local river I was exploring , it was under some trees along an embankment area . still has a fair bit of original colour left for being outdoors so long . looking thru the mountain dew cans I have , none say " yahoo " on the top row like this one does . the OZ...
  13. RCO

    Seven Up swim bottle no city on back

    I recently bought this from a local antique vendor who had some bottles for sale , what intrigued me about it was the fact it had no city on back and was in good condition/colour assumed its Canadian but not 100 % sure where it was used . says " trade mark Reg'd " on front and " Seven up...
  14. RCO

    Taylor Bond Fever Thermometer in box

    just bought a bottle off facebook marketplace from a lady and this item came with it , don't really have any use for it and not entirely sure what it was for . assuming its some sort of thermometer used for medical reasons . it has the original box and certificate of accuracy inside . made by...
  15. RCO

    local Pyrofax gas sign found in woods

    not sure what it is with Friday nights here but every now and then I make odd finds during them . yesterday being a good example , was in town and bored as there's nothing to do here cause of covid restrictions . so I decided to poke around a wooded area near a major road and look for cans and...
  16. RCO

    Java - The Java Company Toronto paper label bottle

    noticed this bottle for sale on a buy and sell site , not necessary interested in buying it myself but left wondering who it was from ? I checked all my bottle books and Toronto bottle book and no reference to " The Java Company Toronto " as all I have on it is the paper label , we know...
  17. RCO

    found a New York 53 commerical license plate

    I'm in central Ontario , not sure if its common to find NY plates here or not , know a lot of americans came to this area during the summer in years past . but this is a commercial plate so not sure what type of vehicle it would of been for it was in one of the nearby dumps I was poking around...
  18. RCO

    Metal Magnet is now stuck on the bottom of lake

    on Saturday I went back to the same docks where I found that odd metal tool thing and though it be a good time to check that area out some more . but things went terribly wrong almost as soon as I started , it got stuck on something near the dock/boat slip . I tried to get it out and pull...
  19. RCO

    older metal tool ? found off a dock

    found this off a dock using a metal magnet , the dock has been there since 1870's . its been a busy location for some time so I had a hard time determining what this item was or when its from . it appeared to have been down there for a long time , as its very dirty and dark black coloured ...
  20. RCO

    Honeydew Orange Drink - matchbook

    found this on the weekend when rummaging thru an old shed at an abandoned property I had been at . really wasn't finding much of anything but somehow I came across this matchbook . honestly not sure if its worth anything but I though it was neat and had some good info had found a honeydew can...

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