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    Christo Cola Nice local soda

    Hi, Been gone awhile. Just had a full right Knee replacement. I guess to much digging right. Hope to be back in the woods soon. Wanted to show this cool soda that Is found at digs here in my local area in N.C. Called a Ten Pin Christo Cola from Gastonia N.C. Hope to be out there soon with more...

    Medicine from the South

    There are not many Medicines from the turn of the century here in Charlotte NC so when I fine one I like It. This is a good old southern one the DIXIE Medicine Co. Charlotte NC.

    Salisbury NC straight side Coca-Cola dump

    Last weekend me and a dig friend located the Salisbury NC Coca Cola company dump. This was the dump where they through all the straight sided bottles when the company changed over to the hobble skirt bottle in 1916. There were nothing but hundreds of all straight sided coke bottles. We dug and...

    Bradham Pepsi bottle

    I just received this nice Bradham Drug bottle. I have been away for the site for several years. But Still a big collector. This is a very rare Pepsi bottle. It is also to be the brads drink bottle because there has never been a bottle found with this embossed. Anyway it is very rare due to there...

    Several cone top cans for Leon

    Here are several cone top cans I pick up at the dump last time I dug. Don't look like they can be cleaned to see what they are. Maybe oil cans. " />" />

    Savannah GA blob soda

    I recently pick thIS Savannah GA blob soda in a til green color. It is not a pontil but nice. I was told it was dug on River St.HENRY KUCK SAVANNAH GA " /> " />" />" />" />

    Digger From Atlanta GA

    The other day I ran into a digger from Atlanta with some new dig bottles and he gave me a good deal on several bottles. One was the common B.B.B. bottle Botanic Blood Balm from Asa Candler the Owener of the Coca Cola Co in 1890"s and a nice Flasks just dug. The Flask is a triple collar Olive...

    Feb dig 2014

    " />Last Sunday it was clear so me, my wife and our grandeson went to our local dig. He said he wanted to find bottles and dig so I gave him a shovel. We dug alot of commonts but I think I have a next generation digger. [:)]

    Is this a real Poison ????

    " />" />" />" />I dug this with the lid the other day. With the bar on the sides it looks like a poison.
  10. GACDIG

    Two Flasks I picked up Anchor flask and Tennessee Club

    " />" />" />" />Here are two flask I have acquired. I was able to get at several shows lately. I dont know much about Anchor flask. Any help is needed. The other is a Old Tennessee Clue with nice embossing.
  11. GACDIG

    Here is a Poison go with on Owl Drug

    " />
  12. GACDIG

    Here is a go with Owl Drug

    " />I pick this Owl Drug go with in Utal the other day.
  13. GACDIG

    GI-54 Washington - Taylor Flask ?

    " />I recently picked up this pint aqua Washington Taylor History Flask with a Double Colure slanted finish. It has a pontil scare. Taylor has for buttons. There is embossing on both sides. I found this post from Steve with some info...
  14. GACDIG

    Dutch Onion Rum Bottle

    This is a onion bottle I pick up this weekend at a show. The seller stated it was dug from a privy in Savana Ga. on River st. a long time ago. He said it was dig with several others and 3 came out hole. It showed need a bar near River St. early 1800's. I would like to know if the time is right...
  15. GACDIG

    R.M. Rose Atlanta Crock

    I piclk this up at a shop the other day, It is nice for the south. Here some history on this man and crcock from Atlanta Ga. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  16. GACDIG

    Ice Blue Coca-Cola Straight Side

    I recently picked up this nice Ice Blue Coca-Cola Straight Side, Most listing say it is rare. One on ebay was in the hundreds. I compare it to an aqua Concord Bottle I have which is rare I think. Any info on this bottle would be Great. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  17. GACDIG

    Prehistoric Horse teeth Pleistocene Era

    On my last hunt I was abel to pick up this neat Prehistoric Horse teeth Pleistocene Era. Fossils are so cool to get some real old things for the collections.
  18. GACDIG

    Ala-Cola Copy Cat Coca-Cola

    I picked up this Coke Copy Cat called Ala-Cola. Very little on the Net on this one.
  19. GACDIG

    Bottles from the show last weekend

    The first bottle I pick up was this Methyloids with label. They say it cured gonorrrhea....[8|] Nice with label and original cork. [/URL][/IMG]
  20. GACDIG

    Metrolina Expo Marketplace *April Spectacular

    It's that time a year again for the Metrolina Expo Marketplace *April Spectacular in Charlotte NC. I will be selling this year. Lots of bottles and go withs. And Antiqes also. Come on out if ya near by. http://www.metrolinatradeshowexpo.com/

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