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  1. Dewfus

    Family friend gave me some bottles

    Nothing exciting my first Dr pepper bottle though First is a pretty big slick med don't have this size In my collection. 2nd we have what I'm guessing is a large bottle of diamond ink,not sure the age. 3rd.is my.first.Dr.pepper
  2. Dewfus

    Is this old lol cant be ?....

  3. Dewfus

    Good quick mourning dig!!!

  4. Dewfus

    River walk #5

    Not a hoard but not too bad for a 25 min lunch break river walk!!! Enjoy Never Seen a been bottle this shape kinda cool have several terre haute bottles but none like this stoked
  5. Dewfus

    Ok marble guys any info would be awsome

    I just love finding them but know nothing about I wanna start learning so any info would be awesome sort of a marbles 101
  6. Dewfus

    River bed dig!! Im not sure how i feal about my soda find

    Hutch#3/but I'm really conficted its got 2 big lip chips is this fixable ? And would it be expensive if so ?bitter sweet I suppose but I'll take it saving history is the point right lol And a fellowship cement from the d.p.s. co Chicago its dental cement
  7. Dewfus

    River walk 4 of the year deemed a success !!!!

    Never seen this one before . cereal milk My first strohs I imagine there pretty common Blue marble Candle stick holder? And a big ass deformed? Marble lol never seen a marble with a deformity or maybe melted idk need a marble expert
  8. Dewfus

    River walk 3 was a success !!!

    Never found a pabst before I love it and the soda is from a town called kendallville Indiana 20 mins from where I live. I'm excited because I have completed the collection of bottles from there through out the years And a random topper
  9. Dewfus

    Some rusty relics from last night's dig

    It says border patrol
  10. Dewfus

    My 15 minutes of fame !!!!

    Local news saw some pics I posted on a group on fb amd wAnted to interview me amd dig with me lol it was awesome that they where interested in my hobbie !!!
  11. Dewfus

    Tennessee Vacation finds and an antique I found at a store

    Found the bottles in a creek near downtown Gatlinburg found the crate at an antique store I used the bathroom at lmao
  12. Dewfus

    Calling all Tennessee Bottle Hunters!!!!!

    Currently in route to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.Im staying at black bear lodge and was Hopeing one of you could had any suggestions of where I might find a good Creek to walk or any places I could potentially to find bottles any information would greatly appreciated ty -DEWY-
  13. Dewfus

    Late night Dig!!!

    Never dug a flower pot before lol anybody have clue as in the date was in bottom of a 4ft hole I dug lol and under it was this cool looking atlas brewing company peptomaltene beer from chicago. I'm thinking I could date the flower pot around same time as beer??idk some one please educate me...

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