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    Just thought I'd share - Suffolk Pig Bitters

    I've had this awhile.
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    Sample bottle?

    Tiny. Has a number 1 on it's base. Appears BIMAL. Thanks! Dave
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    Kia Commercial with ghost town and antique bottles.

    Thought this was awesome! At 0:07 https://youtu.be/h3okaWSNShM
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    Eagle Soda Water and Bottling Co. Santa Cruz, CAL.

    My only Hutch but I really like it since it's semi local. Too bad about the lip chip though. It looks to be a 3-piece mold. Any clue on age?
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    My smallest "Not To Be Taken" bottle

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    Latest pickup (ebay)

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    Anybody have bottle tumbling services?

    I have a couple dug bottles in need of this. Anybody offer these services? Thank you. Dave
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    Bottle colors

    Ok so Blue is Cobalt, amethyst is maganese, I heard reds contain some gold. How about green or emerald green? Same would apply to insulators I guess as well
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    Another straight side Coca Cola - Athens, Ga.

    This one looks BIMAL. Earlier than my amber one for sure. Pretty crude.
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    Pepper Sauce?

    That's what I think it is. What say you?
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    My favorite poison

    Wife found this at an antique store for $1 Thought it was a cool find after research.
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    Morgantown, WV Straight side Coca-Cola

    Very uneven base. Wobbles on a table. My question is was the BIMAL or ABM? Any idea on circa? Thanks. Dave
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    Cobalt soda?

    Found this in an Arizona Goodwill for $1 Old or modern? Numbers on base.
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    I've Always thought these were honey.

    Honey or otherwise. Tealight candle for comparison.
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    Pepper sauce?

    Just picked up in AZ for $1. What you say :) Tealight candle for size.
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    Bottle? Well, maybe. Need an age.

    Little lamp. About the size of a half dollar. Thanks ;)
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    Pontil Amber umbrella ink - neck repaired

    So how does a re-attached neck (professionally done) affect value of bottle?
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    Cabinet lights recommendation.

    So I have been pondering this. I bought a couple from Harbor freight but they are battery operated..not to bad, just wish they put out more even light distribution. I'd like to avoid screwing them down and outlets but..will take some good recommendations that won't break the bank. Here is my...
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    Poison bottle? Light amethyst. many small "hobnails" for feel. BIMAL

    3.75" tall.. Poison? Always wondered myself. Thanks ;)
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    Tiny open pontil bottle

    I bought this years ago as part of a "Civil War era" bottle lot. Does anyone have any idea what might have been in this one? Either pretty powerful or just a sample bottle. Aqua, open pontil, thin flarred lip.

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