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    1924 Democratic National Convention Fob

    Hi East TX Terry, Love your find. WHAT GREAT CONDITION! As RCO noted, this convention was one for the books! The election was won by Calvin Coolidge, a wild + crazy nut from the CT River Valley. If one goes to the South Hadley, MA flea market you'll travel on a bridge named for him. (Some Good...
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    Old Canada Dry Bottle help identifying or dating

    Hi Gina, Welcome to Antique-Bottles. ...I agree the vintage soda bottle was heated and stretched. This was generally done in the 1960s and '70s but tended to be more uniformly vertical. (Colored sand optional.) From what I've seen the ones just mentioned usually end up in the $20.-$30. range...
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    Hello from Philly Suburbs

    Hi Dishnpj, Welcome to antique bottles. Congrats on trying to save as much history as you could. People like you are getting harder to find nowadays... --CT Len
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    A very different crock jug found at a estate sale

    Yo! Ho! Hey Buriedtreasuretime, How's it going? Thanks for all the tips. If I get to NV you're going to know. Stay Well and Stay in Touch. --CT Len PS- I was never much for fishing. Here's a quick story. Once a year all the males in the family would go out on one boat about 25 miles into the...
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    What's the best ketchup bottles

    I like the tall #69(?) Heinz. Pat'd. June 9, 1891. It has an oversized bulbus bottom and nice embossment. ...I hear in some states its been outlawed as a semi-deadly hand weapon ;). Anybody got a pic?
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    What's the best ketchup bottles

    Just for the look--I like the Heinz with longish neck, highlighted embossed side vertical lines, and the giant bulbous base. Its base patent is from the 1890s. To me the king of ketchups, and potentially, a nifty hand weapon.:)
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    found a mushroom shaped cement type marker can anyone identify what this is?

    Here is a long shot.--Perhaps some kind of a corner boundary property line marker?
  8. L

    A very different crock jug found at a estate sale

    I found Winnemucca on the map. NW corner area. Now I just have to get to NV. Stay well and get that tape recorder going on all your stories. The library might have already started such a project for people who contributed/lived in town. Like the buriedtreasuretime family! --CT Len
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    Orange crush bottles.

    Hi RobbyBobby, Regarding your last thread to mine--(sure its a little delayed)--I got mine from a Gulf war vet. That's about 30-40 years in a not bottle friendly zone. I remember hearing Swahili spoken but not seeing bottle written appearing in our end of the planet. Congrats. --L
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    A very different crock jug found at a estate sale

    Hi buriedtreasuretime, Not to be forgotten by me. If I'm ever near Winnemucca* I'm going to pay my respects. Never been there but I'll probably hit Vegas or Reno one day and will let you know. I don't know how populated this yard where your family is and probably in a small yard could find the...
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    found a $20 dollar bill in a park

    Hi Marg! Dad never really buried anything else--except Cod fish heads in the garden! :) Since he was a Pacific WWII vet he never really got the chance to pursue his interests other than a couple of the sports he already excelled at in h.s. I'd like to think that the milk bottle burying was...
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    my sad missed digging opportunities story. cautionary tale

    Hello Margclearlake, I think the Sanborn maps are excellent resource for privy digging especially. I love the way you stick to your guns and continue digging in suburbia where there are more neck benders. ...I believe a veteran Social Studies teacher whose worth his salt would love your...
  13. L

    found a $20 dollar bill in a park

    Hi Margclearlake, I think an Irish background is great. My MIL was Irish and one or two friends as well. Nothing too fancy and you always got what you saw. Went to Ireland once and it is perhaps, the best place in all of Europe. ...I think your Dad holds the record for most Non-Mormon...
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    my sad missed digging opportunities story. cautionary tale

    Hey Marg! Your parents didn't want to lose their good luck digging charm so they tied you to that tree. I don't believe I've ever heard of but a few with such good fortune in finding things like you. ...Needless to say, you're a very good story teller too. "Of all the bottle clubs in all the...
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    found a $20 dollar bill in a park

    Hi Margclearlake (and the Gang), Great story all around! For me the best part is your recall of details. Ex.-when the trunk auto-closed on the one or two remaining fisherman's fingers. I know free time is always hard to come by but you have a gift that could make you $. Take the mini-stories of...
  16. L

    Hello ! My name is Mike, i live in Edmonds WA.

    Hey Chiefbearheart! Mike You're doing great! ... I love the home improvised tools. One of my first was a tine off an old wood rake. Cheap, easy to find, and not harmful to the bottle. The slightly curved tips were okay but not usable on those narrow neckers. For the smaller bottles an old...
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    Dug 6 hutch and lots of broke ones today

    So true about the plastics! --I believe the beach is where the Phoenicians first made their glass.:) --CT Len
  18. L

    Hello ! My name is Mike, i live in Edmonds WA.

    Hi Chief! I got my HF tumbler about 3 years ago. They were cheaper in the day and I additionally used one of their 20% off coups so it didn't total too much. Plus I scored a free tarp with an additional coup on the same purchase. (Get on the mailing list.) ...Recently, a lot of the HF...
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    I was super excited when I found the first one. Now they are just pissing me off! Anyone know how common these Germantown Bottling Works Sodas are?

    Indeed, there are always variables. That is: A) part of the fun B) " " " learning process C) the reason we spent a lot of time online and in libraries D) why we joined this club E) (Nah, too easy...) Efforts well executed Fishnemesis. Wise archaeological advocate (and still smiling...
  20. L

    Hello ! My name is Mike, i live in Edmonds WA.

    Hi Chiefbearheart, Welcome to the club and the wonderful world of bottles. A little hard to say you have a $1k bottle there. Looks like turn of the century-'40s. ...If you have a Harbor Freight tools store near by you can get a small tumbler for about $50. They also sell grit for about $7...

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