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  1. J

    Am I missing something here?

    Is it the embossed “Patent” that is cause for difference in valuation?
  2. J


    Thought this was a Sawyers Crystal Blueing til I washed it and read “Death to all bugs!” Site search didn’t turn up any info. Anyone come across these? Thanks -Jake
  3. J

    Middletown Healing Springs

    Looking to purchase Middletown Healing Springs in Emerald Green. Thanks!
  4. J

    Dave and Aune Conant bottle room

    Dave and Aune Conant (my wife’s grandparents) were avid bottle diggers and antique collectors from Charlestown New Hampshire. This is their “bottle room” which was impressive to 20 year old me but has taken on a whole new level of impressiveness to 45 year old me now that I’m interested in...
  5. J

    Green vase or condiment?

    Curious if anyone has any thoughts on this piece. It is unique from anything else I’ve found. I’m guessing it’s an olive or condiment container, maybe a vase? Also any insight on age would be appreciated. Lastly, The base has a rough texture, I’m thinking this is not considered to be a pontiled...
  6. J

    More from the Victorian dump

    Cone screened a stockpile today. Nothing crazy but did get 4 Warner’s
  7. J

    Unique base, not sure what I’m seeing here

    The bottle itself is very dark almost honey colored. The weird part is the base is very deep and whitish blue. I’ve not seen this with my other bottles. Anyone out there have insight on the construction of this bottle?Thanks for looking
  8. J

    Log cabin bottle?

    Anyone have any knowledge of this bottle? Got home too late to clean it. Thanks for any info
  9. J

    My second squat!

    Added these three nice bottles today. Was excited to find the embossed squat. Not sure what to make of the brown one. Unlike anything I’ve dug so far, it’s shaped like a flask but no mold line. Ton of small bubbles, awesome color.
  10. J

    Little clay dolls

    Anybody finding or know anything about these little dolls?
  11. J

    Mystery item from 1890’s dump.

    I keep finding these small cylinders. They’re lighter than steel. Remind me of graphite. They’re about 1” diameter and 5”-6” long. Any idea what I’ve got here? Thanks
  12. J

    All common I think, nice anyway

    first round of somewhat cleaned up bottles from last weeks dig, thought they looked nice together. Rumford Chemical, A L Murdock, Atwood’s, Kidders, and ER Squibb
  13. J

    Squat Soda I think?

    These were dug last week on New Hampshire seacoast. I believe they are squat soda bottles? One has an emblem of letters laid over each other that I can’t quite make out. If anyone has any insight on age and what they are it would be appreciated. Thanks for looking
  14. J


    Just dug up a couple hundred bottles in sea coast NH. Can you recommend a publication that would help identify and assess? Or recommend local expertise Thanks

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