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    Stumped on this one.

    What's embarrassing
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    Barq's Root Beer

    I found this old Barq's Root Beer bottle by the river here in Illinois :) But.. I cant find it anywhere online.. The bottle company symbol looks like L-C or L-G. Its embossed with Barq's on the front of the bottle.. Can anyone help me? Thank you for your time!@!!
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    Biggest haul of my life, 87 bottles!

    Damn dude!! You sound like me!! What in the hell did we do wrong ?!?!?! Lol!!
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    what's the newest bottle worth keeping?

    I found a 7up glass 2 liter. I think its neat!!! :) My bf wanted to make a lamp out of it! Thankfully he didn't. ;)
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    If anyone can help :)

    Wow!! You guys are AMAZING!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It's amazing how GLASS can last so long out in the elements for years and years and years!! But I'm glad it does because I love finding them :)
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    If anyone can help :)

    I am driving myself crazier than I already am trying to figure out this bottle! Does anyone have any idea what it could be? 4" tall 11 inside of a hexagon on the bottom as the marking. No letters or anything else.
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    2 Faygo Feigenson Bros. Hutches Displayed in Front of FAYGO

    My son painted it without me knowing... But I have a couple of these :)
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    Stumped on this one.

    At first I thought maybe Tabasco sauce. But after seeing some of the Google Lens findings Im not quite sure what it is.
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    Need help on this bottle !!!

    Do either of those look like?
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    Here's a diff bottle..

    Does anyone know what this is? The bottom says Federal Law forbids resale or use 65 D•23 64 Owens-Illinois mark
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    What is this?

    That's what I was thinking too!! :) Wish it had numbers so I could figure out exactly what it is lol! I'm so curious!!
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    What is this?

    Found this today. Only has Owens-Illinois mark. No numbers on bottom or heel. Top is all glass with a hole at the top for something to drip out of.
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    What kind of bottle is this..

    I found this bottle recently. Haven't been able to find it anywhere online.. 1 PT 12 FL OZ NO DEPOSIT*NO REFUND 1 PT 12 FL OZ NOT TO BE REFILLED The numbers on bottom are barely readable. Please help me :)
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    What year are these...

    Hey!! I recently started collecting bottles. I found quite a few of these Coca Cola bottles. But I have no clue how old they are..

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