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    Scuba diving finds

    Great job there, some real nice finds!
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    need serious help with pricing magnesias

    You also need to see what they have sold for in the past, not just what the are selling at currently.
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    Is that legal?

    I purchased a amber 3 sided poison from the Ely Lily Co. with the label and contents still intact, (Mercury bi-chloride), on eBay, with no problem. I believe the seller put a disclosure and warning about the contents. What is kinda cool is the pills all are almost coffin shaped, and have a...
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    St. Petersburg Straight Side Coca-Cola

    Thanks! I saw the same eBay sales for the St. Pete straight side, two sales for the same exact bottle. First sale for $124.00 must have been cancelled, or bottle returned. Pretty bad shape. Always hate the "what's it worth" aspect of any collecting, but any knowledge is good knowledge. Just...
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    St. Petersburg Straight Side Coca-Cola

    Thanks, all! 99.9% of my digging was done in Colorado, and I am pretty knowledgeable about the bottles from there. Florida, I know very little, except from what I found from you all. Reading about the base having the numbers 247, and stating that because of that it would be from the year 1909...
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    St. Petersburg Straight Side Coca-Cola

    Thanks! Next question, scarce meaning no more than a hundred known? Now I gotta get one of the Porter books. No intention to sell, still eyeballing it like the memory of my first issue of Playboy! Carl
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    St. Petersburg Straight Side Coca-Cola

    Howdy all! First time that I got out poking around since I moved down to Florida from Colorado. Saw a house tear-down, and asked if I could poke around. This straight was sticking halfway out of the ground, can't believe the backhoes didn't kill it. Asked if I could do some digging, owner sadly...
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    big pic with my bottle digging buddies...its like christmas

    Nice and old! Ya gotta love that combination! Carl
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    Buffalo Soldier dump

    Sweet! Anything intact?
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    New spot yields squat sodas and a small

    Been slow here in Denver, nice to see some great finds!
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    Today's House Demolition Find.

    That seam got me salivating! Keep at it, and show us more!
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    Two whiskey day.

    I had to search my computer for my password just so I could post this response.I recently dug a Denver whiskey/wine crock that although I'm loving, pales in comparison to your find.Being out here in Denver where, frankly they don't have older whiskeys anywhere near the beauty of that...
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    Why does this happen?

    Out here in Colorado, I've heard that because of all the legalizing of marijuana, people are really starting to collect anything pertaining to the history of pot. New markets are opening up everywhere! Who'da thunk? Carl
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    worth the effort?

    I'd be digging on both sides of the stone outline, and detecting like crazy! Keep us posted! Carl
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    Dug a good pit in Philadelphia in the rain Sunday

    Seriously. all I can say is WOW! Kudos!
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    Dug Some Colorado...Pt2

    Thanks all, still elated from this past weekend dig. More than made up for all the times I went to this site and spent seven, eight hours of seriously hard dirt scrapping and dug nada. Turns out that the Citrate sold by this doctor was the only one produced in amber, all others were in...
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    Dug Some Colorado...Pt2

    The other.
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    Dug Some Colorado...Pt2

    Hopefully, here ya go!
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    Dug Some Colorado...Pt2

    Can't seem to figure how to post more than one photo.
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    Dug Some Colorado Goodies!

    Can't seem to figure out how to post more than one photo. Crap.

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