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    Some unique caps I bought

    Visiting an antique store several weeks ago looking for ACL soda pop bottles and the owner dug a paper lunch bag out of his back room and said I might be interested in it. The bag had about 50 cork lined bottle caps. Bought it and started sorting through it this weekend. Most of the caps were...
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    All Mountain, No Dew

    Nothing discernible. Just a perfect round circle in the middle about the size of a dime, and a small "pimple" off to the side.
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    All Mountain, No Dew

    I was surprised that it made it into a case of filled bottles. You would think that as many steps the bottle went through, printing, washing, filling, packaging, somebody would have caught it.
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    All Mountain, No Dew

    Been collecting ACLs for almost 50 years. For several years was allowed into the local Pepsi plant’s warehouse to pick up cases of pop for my pop machine. Would generally look for the “Hillbilly “ Mountain Dew bottles when getting a case. Found this one, probably the most unique bottle I have.

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