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    Excellent site to identify any type or age of your bottles!

    Got questions about how old or what type of bottle you have, then jump to the following site! I've used it for years!
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    Paper labeled pre-prohibition labeled whiskeys.

    My collection of pre-prohibition (before 1934) labeled whiskeys (all sizes) has grown to over a + 140, so here's my question. How do I protect the paper labels? What can be done to save the labels without destroying them? Anyone know what can be used to save the old paper labels. Thanks, Frank
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    Digger needed for help1

    I's am looking for a experinced for digger for digging three excellents sites this fall in Escambia County Florida (Pensacola) This on land (beside an abandonded RR track. Tracks were taken up beween WW1 & WW11. The second on is the boss man's house of which nothing is let, however I have a...
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    Digging in Pensacola

    Need a (1) fellow digger (in Pensacola area) to help dig one land site and detect a early Navy pier site, both of which I found uncovered this winter. Preferably someone that doesn't work and has plenty of time on their hands. The land site can be dug anytime and am working on permission to dig...

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