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  1. Sc0rpi0nHunter

    Maybe an old ketchup bottle.

    I think this is a older hunts ketchup bottle. Could anyone confirm this and let me know if it’s worth anything?
  2. Sc0rpi0nHunter

    Small green bottle with grooves on each side.

    The bottom inside of the bottle is not completely even and it has some small bubbles throughout it. I believe it was made in 1957 because of the 57 on the bottom, however I thought screw on tops started being used in the late 60s or early 70s. Anyway, does anyone have any information on this...
  3. Sc0rpi0nHunter

    Interesting liquor bottle with no words on it.

    I know it has a screwtop meaning it is newer, but would anyone be able to give me a more precise time frame and maybe what it’s worth?
  4. Sc0rpi0nHunter

    Strange brown bottle I can’t find any information on.

    Found this in the Florida Keys buried on my property. Does anyone have any idea what it is, What it used to contain and how much it could be worth? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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