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    Can anyone tell me about this jug?

    Picked some stuff up today, a copper pitcher, a Barr bros wholesale liquor dealers strapside from Brooklyn, and this jug. I'm not a jug guy but I might be now. Anyone know what this pattern of glazing is called/how old it is/where it might be from?
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    Got some marbles! Know nothing, would like to know how i did for $20

    Got some marbles recently, know nothing about them. Does anyone see anything interesting? First pic is the biggest ones and the most interesting looking ones (to me) and the 2nd is the rest of them. Also what should I be looking for in the future? I know lattice core marbles are good, other...
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    Posting for ma - 1858 patent mason and a 2 quart atlas - info?

    I'm not a jar guy, but my mom is. She got these 2 today, would like to know more about them (year manufactured etc) and how much they're worth () so I told her I'd post them for her. Any jar guys mind filling me in? Thanks
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    Trying out the new poll feature! Northern sodas or southern sodas?

    Pretty sure this is a brand new feature, or at least it wasn't as easy to do before as it is now. Pretty simple question: what region has the best sodas to collect, the north or the south? There's great states for collecting sodas in both, Georgia, Massachusetts, the Carolinas, NY off the top of...
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    Early nyc beverage bottles

    Here's my collection of early nyc beverage bottles so far. I've probably posted about all of these at some point but here they are all together. Nice to feel like you're adding to a grouping when you get something instead of just throwing money into an endless pit of things you like. Side note...
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    Wanted: M. B. & Co bottles

    Looking for bottles that say "M. B. & Co NY" Specifically looking for the one with 1861 in big lettering across the back, the one with the address 97 west 35th street in aqua or other colors besides green, a mint 145 west 35th street, or any others I don't know about.
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    Fantastic Early Green M. B. & Co N. Y.

    Just got this, might be my favorite bottle in my collection now. Pictures really don't do it justice. Almost mint condition, a nice early font, great embossing, tons of bubbles, a grooved donuty lip, great color. Somehow this thing isn't pontiled, it must've missed it by a year. I have another...
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    Two pontilled John Cables

    Around a month ago I bought the bottle on the right because it was an NY bottle, had an interesting shape (my favorite thing to collect) and was pontilled. The same seller then put up another john cable, and I had to have it. Not sure how many other john cables are out there, but I think I'll...
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    American pontiled soda database down?

    Went to use it a week ago and it's giving html errors, which I would guess means the server service lapsed. Anyone got an archive or a workaround or something? Or know the owner?
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    This brunsick coca cola hutch is at $2,000 with a few days to go. Can anyone tell me why? Why is this specific coke hutch so desirable?
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    What are some of the rarer/rarest new york whiskeys?

    I have a very fledgling collection of NY whiskeys I've mostly dug. It's the type of bottle I could see myself collecting for a long time. Anyone got any/know about any hard to come by whiskeys from NY? Particularly square ones. Just curious!
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    2 new local hutchs

    Got these 2 in the mail today from Jay of Jay's emporium on ebay. Thanks Jay! Hans Iversen Centrepoint, L.I., and Yetter & Moore Riverhead L.I.
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    Some pickups from the Saratoga show

    Went to the Saratoga bottle show in Ballston Spa. It was nice meeting some people in the hobby that I've heard or read about or talked to over email, and it was cool to see some great glass in person. I'm on a perpetually tight budget while I'm going through college but I still grabbed a few...
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    WANTED: All bottles from Kings Park. TOP PRICE PAID for a good condition John Mack bottle

    Looking for all bottles from Kings Park, included but not limited to P. L. Conlon (in both clear and aqua) Geo Cusick, Henschel's Kings Park Hotel, J. N. Burr, John Mack, E. F. Keane, and Keane & Henno. Especially looking for a John Mack in good condition, or any bottle that says kings park that...
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    Interested in buying or trading for Long Island bottles

    If you've ever got a Long Island (L. I.) bottle you're looking to part with shoot me a message. Mostly looking for blobs/pre 1900 but there's a few ABMs I'm interested in.
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    About 100 PA hutches just listed on ebay

    Look's like someone's liquidating a collection. If you collect Pennsylvania go take a look. Wish someone would do this with LI bottles
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    All the whiskeys I've dug

    Had some of them out for the 5 for Friday thread and I figured I'd line em all up. Not the world's greatest pictures but what can you do. From left to right: Paul Jones and some samples, Honest Measure, an blank green 3 piece mold with a cool lip + neck, Hollywood, Sir Robert Burnett, 2 H. B...
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    Can someone read the script on this paper label for me?

    Anyone able to tell what this says? Bottles not that old, probably 1940s. Filled with some sort of white powder on the inside I don't care to smell or touch until I know what it is
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    The Physicians & Surgeons Pharmacy Co. yellow vasloine

    Another straggler from my larger lot. this one's also from Ohio, which is strange that this and the John Shrink were together but were purchased from Maine. Must've been part of a larger Ohio collection that broke apart years ago and I got a tiny fraction of it, 1 good piece 1 meh piece. Milk...
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    "Quantity in bulk" guarenteed flask

    A little more interesting than your typical guaranteed flask, this flask has quite the run on sentence in the back. "The contents of this bottle is not sold as a measure quantity but as a quantity in bulk" never seen this before, but it could easily be very common. Not too attached to it...

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