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    Given these cans but I don't collect them.

    This interests me because i see cone top cans for sale sometimes, im just wondering how they would re attach the cone top after it being cut? Is it glued?
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    Cathedral pepper sauce

    Awsome! Beautiful bottle, thats so cool how everyone comes out to the show it must have been a great time.
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    That was a great video! Thanks for posting
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    New Jersey slug plate

    Wow, cool! Thanks for the info epackage!
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    New Jersey slug plate

    Thanks for the reply uncle bruce but i guess i should have been more specific, i was wondering if R.C I mainly see N.Y. and Vermont stuff
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    New Jersey slug plate

    Hi all, i saw this bottle at a sale the other day, a nice clear blob top that reads R.C EWAN RICHLAND N.J. You dont see much stuff from new jersey up here in quebec so it caught my eye. Was this a beer or a soda? Sorry for the bad pic i thought i had gotten the whole bottle in but aparently i...
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    1934 Christmas Coke Rarity ?

    Your bottle is listed as scarce in Bill Porters book..thats pretty cool! Nice bottle!
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    Question about bottles..

    Thanks for the info canadian bottles, what made me ask the question was i saw a canadian paper label bottle with an owens illinois mark on the bottom, my first thought was that it wasnt the original bottle that the label was on, but then i researched the company and saw that they had many...
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    Question about bottles..

    I should have been more specific, my question is mainly about soda bottles in the 20's 30's and 40's....
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    Question about bottles..

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if it was a common practice for canadian bottlers to use american made bottles or vice versa? Did this happen often? Rarely? Or not at all? Thanks for any help or info!
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    Psychology of collecting

    Good question Robbybobby, ive always wondered about the psychology of us collectors and why it is we do what we do, personaly i think we are born collectors since ive been collecting different things at different times since i was about 5 years old, i always had a tendancy to be looking down at...
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    Dinky Supertoys

    Great job!
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    Garden path made of broken glass

    Very nice! Good idea!
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    New river finds

    I went out to search in the local river the other day and made a few interesting finds, the first is a bottle embossed S&S looks like 1915-1920's..cant find any info on it and the other i was super excited about, its a local soda from montreal, J CHRISTIN, i was super excited, its...
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    McCormick and Co, more info please

    I think it might be a poison for bees, it looks like there is a bee or wasp embossed on the front
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    What is this?

    This is a shot in the dark, but i find it looks like a tire repair kit? Total guess though
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    clear Coca Cola straight side found in woods

    Awsome find! clear canadian straight sides are harder to come buy than you think, while not rare they are definetly uncommon, the most common being the blue colors and the rarest being the ones with the city names, green canadian straight sides are also very hard to come by. Congrats on your find!
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    Unknown to me Fluted pinched clear glass Coca Cola Bottling Co. Quality Beverages Lumberton, N.C.

    It looks like a bottle from the 20's 30's or maybe early 40's but im not an expert. It could have been filled with many different flavors of soda but not coca cola.
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    Old Canada Dry Bottle help identifying or dating

    That is a wierd looking one, craziest crown top ive ever seen lol, it looks like they took a canada dry bottle and blew it up like a baloon lol, still a pretty neat piece!

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